Why you want to Own an Essential Business Franchise

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What is an essential business really and how is a tree service one? Well according to the TCIA, certain aspects of performing several highly skilled services directly impact the safety of the public. The Monster Tree Service falls under the scope of an essential service as well.

The Benefits of owning an Essential Service franchise

By owning an essential service franchise, you benefit both financially and community-wise. You have the satisfaction of helping your community by providing jobs, and when an emergency happens. You also get to join the $29.1bn tree service industry.

Revenue streams of the essential tree service industry

Not only is the tree service industry growing, but Monster tree service does not require previous experience. It created multiple streams of revenue to maximize your profits.

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Plant health care
  • Emergency services

How Essential Franchises Thrive

Currently in 2022 essential franchises such as the tree industry has led the way through their proven business model. Not only does it have a successful model, but Monster Tree Service’s marketing efforts have also created a game-changing presence in people’s lives.

Why Monster Tree Service

As a Monster Tree Service owner, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art equipment that acts like a mobile billboard, attracting both customers and potential employees. Additionally, our biggest expenses are high-value re-sellable assets. Other reasons are:

  • We are the first tree service franchise in the market
  • We are technology and recession-resistant – and Amazon can’t compete with us
  • We offer large territories that don’t require additional people or equipment upfront
  • We don’t require a storefront, which minimizes upfront and ongoing costs

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