What Makes a Good Entrepreneur And How We Can Push Boundaries Together

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It seems that being an entrepreneur is currently a popular path to explore. Social media and the internet have given readers and viewers a behind the scenes look at the lives of entrepreneurs. As a franchisor we have the privilege to partner and work with entrepreneurs daily. We get to see the details of each franchise location all the way to the success of each owner.

Here are some traits our most successful franchise owners all share.


Monster Tree Service franchise owners are leaders. They inspire others around them while also having the humility to continue learning. By being leaders, our customers will have the best experience possible.


Monster Tree Service owners get the benefits of being an entrepreneur. The three that stand out the most include not having to sit in a cubicle all day, being your own boss where you make the decisions, and the financial freedom that comes with franchise ownership. Additionally, the increased amount of time you get to spend with your family compared to a normal 9-5 job makes becoming a Monster Tree Service franchise owner a no-brainer. All it takes is the determination and ambition to make that career switch and take that worthwhile risk.


Creativity takes a business to the next level. It pushes the boundaries of average to excel in directions unseen by competitors. Our owners are always open to try new ideas in benefit of succeeding.

Together, and with leadership, ambition, and creativity we can push boundaries together. Monster Tree Service has all the resources available for you to utilize!

Rich Baldyga, Monster Tree Service owner said it best "this is my business - I run it, I do what I want to do, but I've got Monster Franchise behind me to support me...we've got a network of people you can reach out to and call."

For more information on how we can help with franchising visit us at https://www.monstertreeservice.com/franchise/investment-options/.

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