Meet Our Team

  • Headshot of Mike and Renee Barnes (and Tucker our mini-Australian Shepherd)

    Mike and Renee Barnes (and Tucker our mini-Australian Shepherd)


    Mike and Renee grew up in the Green Mountain area and still reside there. They love spending time in the Colorado outdoors including camping, dirt biking and UTV'ing. They are both passionate to serve the community. After a long haul in the corporate finance world, Mike decided to make a change in 2019 and do something different and outdoors (not behind a desk). Who knew they would decide to open the Southwest Denver Monster Tree Service Franchise and love every minute of it.
  • Josh

    Josh Nelson

    Sales Arborist/Plant Health Care Supervisor/Certified Arborist

    Josh was born and raised in Colorado on a ranch south of Denver and is a 2nd generation Professional Arborist. He started in the tree industry in 2001, working summers for his dad’s tree service while in Jr High, High School, and College. Josh has worked as a Foreman, a Plant Health Care Technician, Manager, and Salesmen. Married in 2013 to his Highschool sweetheart, Josh has five children and enjoys teaching his kids everything he knows about trees and bugs. Josh’s interests are Phytoremediation, Natural Forest Health, and Urban Forest renewal. Monster Tree has been home to Josh and his dad since 2020.

  • MJ

    MJ (AKA Michael Jordan)

    General Manager

    MJ was born and raised in New Orleans LA. He moved to Fort Collins when he was 18 and then to Denver when he was 24. His mom, brother and 2 nephews live in California where he likes to visit as much as possible. MJ got into the tree business when he was 21 because some friends were working at Kincaid Tree Surgery in Fort Collins. He decided to try it out and his boss had him climbing almost right away. He fell in love with the work when he started climbing and has been doing it for the past 11 years. In his free time he spends time with his dog Copper, hiking, camping, skiing, and just about anything else there is to do outside.
  • Andrew

    Andrew Powers

    Trim Department Lead/Climber Specialist

    Andrew was born and raised in Lakewood as a Colorado native. He welcomes all others to our state. He is a proud father of two girls, who as he states, “is his sunshine”. Andrew has worked in Landscaping and Forming, but once he saw Mike and Jesse having a blast one day cutting down some trees he knew it was for him and decided he wanted some of the fun. He enjoys the hard but rewarding work. He loves that his office is in the trees and his crew/team keeps him energized. Andrew is a sport nut and loves his kids “ To the Moon an back’ in his words. Andrew spent 90 days on a missions trip when he was younger and loves all walks of life.

  • Paul Ramirez headshot

    Paul Ramirez

    Plant Health Care Lead/Safety Coordinator/Trainer

    Paul was born and raised in Denver Colorado.  He remembers growing up camping, fishing, and hunting with his family and enjoying the outdoors.   Paul says he is so blessed with an awesome wife and three wonderful daughters.  He was introduced to the industry right out of High School when one of his classmates asked him to join him to grow his tree business.  Paul took the challenge and has learned many facets of the industry. He has taken on the challenge as our Safety Coordinator and one of our trainers.  He will tell you he is most passionate about safety and Plant Health Care.  Paul takes great pride in educating our clients and providing excellent customer service.  When he’s not at work you will find him spending time with his family and doing anything outdoors.
  • John Yi

    Foreman Climber Specialist

    John was born and raised in Arvada, Colorado.  He remembers his parents teaching him hard work and taking on responsibility as a young man.  This is certainly reflected in his daily work habits if you ever have him on site.  John’s parents came here from Korea, and he has a younger brother.  John was introduced to the tree industry by a family member were he excelled.  John challenges himself to become better, safer and more efficient on every job.  He has also installed garage doors and has been a plumber, so he has a well-rounded resume.   He loves spending time fishing and camping with his German shepherd.
  • Shelby sitting in a tree

    Shelby McIntyre


    Shelby is a Colorado native. She was born in Denver and raised in Bailey and Summit County. She grew living the mountain life, including sailing, hiking and rafting during the summer months and getting to snowboard and snowmobile during the winter. Shelby enjoys hanging out and doing fun things with her husband Patrick and daughter Marley. She has a big extended family she is close to.

    Naturally, she knew a bunch of tree guys being her husband was an Arborist for several years. So when she was looking for a career change, Patrick suggested tree work and she hasn’t looked back. She likes what tree work offers such as being outdoors and helping the community. Her focus is to keep her and her husband safe and healthy. She loves the challenge of every job being different, requiring different skills and equipment.

    When she’s not at work you will find Shelby looking for new things to experience with the people she loves! She thrives in the outdoors and enjoys camping and fishing.

  • Patrick suspended in air from tree

    Patrick McIntyre

    Crew Foreman - Climber Specialist

    Patrick was born and raised in Bailey, so he is one of the few true Colorado natives. He spent his younger years spending valuable time with his parents as well as enjoying motorcycles, camping and cooking. Patrick’s pride and joy is his wife and daughter. He remembers his mom as a strong woman who worked as a board member for Jefferson County. His father was a precision machinist for Martin Marietta and was a no-nonsense honest man.

    Patrick grew up cutting trees. His first job was working for Asplundh felling large trees away from power lines in Keystone. A co-worker turned him on to Urban Forestry where he started his climbing career.

    He enjoys the numerous facets the industry offers beyond climbing. He sees himself involved with the care and preservation of trees well beyond his climbing days. He sees his work as adaptable and rope access through Arboriculture opens the doors to other industries.

    When Patrick isn’t at work, he’ll be spending time with his family riding bicycles/motorcycles, traveling Colorado and learning new trades.

  • Dave Combs

    Plant Health Care Specialist/Climber and Groundsman

    Dave grew up in Littleton and has not traveled far from home. He remembers growing up spending time with his family in the mountains, especially camping trips. He learned about the tree industry when a friend was showing him zip-lining. Dave is always willing to help and learn new things. He is now one of our most versatile employees and can pretty much perform any job we have for him. Dave’s primary focus is in the Health Care department, but he continues to hone his climbing/pruning skills. When not working hard, you will find Dave climbing or riding a motorcycle.

  • photo of Lief Miltenberger

    Lief Miltenberger

    Groundsman Specialist

    Lief is a Colorado native and was born and raised in Denver. He enjoyed his younger years and growing up in Denver. He played all kinds of sports including football, baseball and soccer.

    Lief is close to his family and was raised by his mom and stepfather. He got to know his real father later in life and learned the tattoo trade from him. He spent several years as a tattoo artist before deciding to learn another trade. He had some friends that worked for Monster, so Lief thought he would give Arboriculture a try. He’s excited to learn this trade and the opportunity for advancement.

    When Lief isn’t dragging brush, you will find him with his family or in the fine arts. He is passionate about art, drawing, and tattoos.