Meet Our Team

  • Headshot of Mike and Renee Barnes (and Tucker our mini-Australian Shepherd)

    Mike and Renee Barnes (and Tucker our mini-Australian Shepherd)


    Mike and Renee grew up in the Green Mountain area and still reside there. They love spending time in the Colorado outdoors including camping, dirt biking and UTV'ing. They are both passionate to serve the community. After a long haul in the corporate finance world, Mike decided to make a change in 2019 and do something different and outdoors (not behind a desk). Who knew they would decide to open the Southwest Denver Monster Tree Service Franchise and love every minute of it.
  • Josh

    Josh Nelson

    Sales Arborist/Plant Health Care Supervisor/Certified Arborist

    Josh was born and raised in Colorado on a ranch south of Denver and is a 2nd generation Professional Arborist. He started in the tree industry in 2001, working summers for his dad’s tree service while in Jr High, High School, and College. Josh has worked as a Foreman, a Plant Health Care Technician, Manager, and Salesmen. Married in 2013 to his Highschool sweetheart, Josh has five children and enjoys teaching his kids everything he knows about trees and bugs. Josh’s interests are Phytoremediation, Natural Forest Health, and Urban Forest renewal. Monster Tree has been home to Josh and his dad since 2020.

  • MJ

    MJ (AKA Michael Jordan)

    Operations Lead/Climber Specialist/Certified Arborist

    Michael was born and raised in New Orleans LA. He moved to Fort Collins when he was 18 and then to Denver when he was 24. Michael got into the tree business when he was 21 because some friends were working at Kincaid Tree Surgery in Fort Collins. He decided to try it out and his boss had him climbing almost right away. He fell in love with the work when he started climbing and has been doing it for the past 9 years. In his free time he spends time with his dog Champ, hiking, camping, skiing, and just about anything else there is to do outside.
  • matt

    Matt Grabianowski

    Qualified Supervisor for Plant Health Care/Climber Specialist

    Certified Arborist

    Matt was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and lived in the suburb of Bloomington until his family moved to the south suburbs of Denver in 1979. Matt graduated from Cherry Creek High School and attended the University of northern Colorado where he studied Music and Journalism. Matt always had an interest in climbing up trees as a youth and took an opportunity with a tree company in 2003 after a major blizzard hit the metro area. Matt have kept employment in the industry for the last 17 years and has earned his ISA certified Arborist License and a Qualified Supervisor License from the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Matt has an interest in promoting progressive and environmentally sound practices in the industry and looks for ways to use them in daily activities. In his spare time he likes to play the trumpet, attend concerts, play table-top games, watch films and popular Netflix shows, and go for coffee with his friends.

  • Thomas

    Thomas Palmer

    Climber Specialist/Certified Arborist

    Thomas was born in Chicago and discovered his passion for climbing trees in Oregon. In 2018, he moved to Denver with his girlfriend, Ali and dingo, Eddy Rio. The stark differences in the way plants and trees flourish in Oregon to the struggle and perseverance they endure in the high desert climate of Denver intrigues him. Pruning large trees when they are in need of a "haircut" is his favorite thing about climbing trees, as he is contributing to the health and well-being for a long living tree. Outside of work, he loves to ski, rock climb and mountain bike. As an ISA certified arborist and natural teacher, he is committed to continuing his education and fostering a community of life-long learning, positivity and passion.

  • Brandon

    Brandon Williams


    Brandon was born and raised in Castle Rock, CO and is about the only one left there after 5 generations. He has a 7 year-old daughter named Riley. He has always loved the outdoors and worked as a wild land firefighter in his early career. This is where he gained a love for climbing, cutting down and saving trees. Brandon likes to have a job that very few people can do although he works hard to go home safely each day. “This is the type of job that gives you a sense of accomplishment”, Brandon states. For fun, Brandon likes to spend time in Missouri with his family, especially his daughter. In his spare-time you will find him hunting or fishing.

  • Lou

    Lou Rossi

    Crew Lead/Climber Specialist/Certified Arborist

    Lou grew up in Princeton, NJ and moved to Denver by way of Philadelphia. After college he became an avid rock climber and that led him to a job climbing trees. That was 9 years ago, and he hasn’t looked back. Lou has been an ISA Certified Arborist for almost 5 years. Lou says ‘everyday, is a unique challenge and I learn new ways to be more safe and efficient with every new experience’. In his spare time you’ll find him rock climbing, camping, traveling and sharing laughs with his friends.

  • Jesse

    Jesse DeGaro

    Crew Lead/Climber Specialist/Arborist

    Jesse was born and raised in Columbia Station, Ohio. He says it was fun growing up there are a lot more trees there than in Denver. He moved to Denver 2001 and went to work with a roommate one day that climbed trees and the rest is history. Jesse has been working in the tree industry for over 10 years and worked his way up from a Grounds person to a Climber. He loves the thrill of heights and states ‘loves conquering large trees and kicking butt on smaller trees’. Jesse lights up when talking about his daughter Harper. If Jesse isn’t working you’ll find him riding his BMX bike or playing video games.

  • Andrew

    Andrew Power

    Climber in Training

    Andrew was born and raised in Lakewood as a Colorado native. He welcomes all others to our state. He is a proud father of two girls, who as he states, “is his sunshine”. Andrew has worked in Landscaping and Forming, but once he saw Mike and Jesse having a blast one day cutting down some trees he knew it was for him and decided he wanted some of the fun. He enjoys the hard but rewarding work. He loves that his office is in the trees and his crew/team keeps him energized. Andrew is a sport nut and loves his kids “ To the Moon an back’ in his words. Andrew spent 90 days on a missions trip when he was younger and loves all walks of life.