5 Quick-growing Trees to Plant in Your Yard

If you want to fill a blank space in your yard, why not consider planting something that won’t take decades to reach full growth? Luckily, there are fast-growing trees to choose from that will complement a mature landscape or jumpstart your landscaping plan relatively quickly compared to most other species.

Here’s your guide to trees that grow quickly once you get them in the ground.

How Fast Do Trees Grow Normally?

Many trees grow between 12 and 24 inches a year, taking 20-30 years to reach full maturity. Some may even take more than 40 years! While good things come to those who wait, that’s a long time to sit around for a fully-grown tree.

Quick-growing trees like the five listed below can all add 25 inches or more of height each year. The growth rate will depend on the species: deciduous trees tend to grow faster than coniferous trees, and hardwoods (like oak or maple) typically grow more slowly than softwoods (like pines and cedar).

Five Trees that Grow Fast for Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Looking for a tree that will soon be towering above you? We’ve got you covered with five of our favorite fast-growing trees.

  1. Pin Oak: Widespread, Shady Branches

The pin oak is one of the best fast-growing shade trees for your backyard. It can grow up to 60 or 70 feet tall at a rate of about two and a half feet a year! Its lovely, deep green leaves can provide shade for your whole yard, turning a beautiful red or bronze in the fall. They grow throughout much of the eastern and central US and are especially prized for their tolerance of pollution. They prefer full sun and well-drained acidic loam or clay soil.

If pin oaks aren’t native to your area, try an American sycamore, American elm, silver maple, Nuttall oak, or cherrybark oak.

  1. Weeping Willow: Fast-growing Powerhouse

If you want the fastest of the fast, weeping willows are one of your better options. They thrive in wet soils at the edges of rivers and ponds. Their distinctive shape adds a touch of wistful beauty to any yard. And they’ll shoot up like you wouldn’t believe; growing an astounding three to eight feet a year, depending on the variety! But if you like a clutter-free yard, this may not be the tree for you. Willows shed limbs and leaves frequently and are also prone to splitting.

Looking for a different arboreal “speed demon”? Other extremely fast growers include poplars (5–8 feet a year), dawn redwood (4 feet a year), and Leyland cypress (3 feet a year).

  1. Norway Spruce: Gorgeous Green, Year-round

Though native to Europe, these fast-growing evergreen trees have migrated throughout the US. The Norway spruce has dense branches packed with short, green needles and clusters of pinecones. They make ideal windbreaks and can tolerate a wide variety of soils and growing conditions. This spruce grows faster than other spruce types – up to three feet a year – and tops out between 40 and 60 feet tall when mature.

Go green with envy over other fast-growing evergreens like eastern white pine, jack pine, shortleaf pine, Murray cypress, and Thuja Green Giant.

  1. River Birch: Small Enough for Compact Yards

River birches can be planted anywhere in the US, although they naturally grow along the river banks that give them their name. Though they can tower up to 80 feet once mature, they only spread about 40 feet in diameter. If you don’t have much space to work with but still want an impressive tree, the river birch offers distinctive, peeling birch bark and beautiful green leaves that turn a stunning golden color in the fall.

Mix it up with other compact growers like green giant arborvitae, quaking aspens, wild plums, shining sumac, and tulip trees.

  1. Shamel Ash: The Desert Beauty

In the southwestern US, Shamel ashes are commonly planted as street trees, but you can also take one home! These trees can add a beautiful splash of green to your yard, and they grow up to 80 feet at a rate of three feet a year. Once they hit maturity, Shamel ash trees can provide plenty of shade. Plus, they’re resistant to many common pests and diseases.

Other beautiful trees that will grow quickly in hot, dry climates include the Desert Museum palo verde, chasteberry, yellow oleander, and Texas mountain laurel.

The Cons of Quick Growth

Fast-growing trees are gratifying but tend to need more care. The longer a tree, shrub, or plant has to establish growth, the stronger that growth is. Trees that grow quickly may sometimes be weaker than their slower-growing cousins, with weak-wooded trunks and more shallow root systems. If you still choose to plant a fast-growing tree, get regular inspections for insect and disease management; most quick-grow trees are more susceptible to pests and illness.

How to Make Trees Grow Faster

Nothing can make a tree grow faster than it’s meant to. You can support maximum growth per year for any tree with regular soil amendments to ensure it gets all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Scheduled soil treatments from professional arborists give your trees a boost, so they don’t have to slow down growth to make up for a lack of nutrients.

Support All the Trees in Your Yard (No Matter How Fast They Grow) with Monster Tree Service

Trees of all kinds need care and that’s where we step in. The professional arborists at each independently owned and operated Monster Tree Service have the knowledge and expertise to care for fast- and slow-growing trees. We can recommend a fertilization schedule that will support your tree and keep an eye on it for signs of pest or disease damage.

Schedule regular tree inspections to make sure your trees are on the right growth path. If problems are detected, soil and tissue testing can tell us what your trees need for maximum annual growth. Call (888) 744-0155 or request a free, no-obligation estimate online today.