Why Removing Tree Stumps Should Be Left to Professionals in South Charlotte, NC

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Do you have an unsightly tree stump on your property after cutting down the structure? You might try to take care of the problem yourself, but this wouldn’t be wise. The experts at Monster Tree Service of South Charlotte, who offer a top-notch tree-cutting service in Charlotte, NC, are here to explain why removing tree stumps is not a job for amateurs.

Experts Have the Right Equipment

The average homeowner won’t have the proper tools to get rid of lingering tree stumps. Depending on the stump removal method contractors use, they might have to saw off portions of the tree or drill several inches deep to penetrate the lowest part of the stump. Don’t invest in this equipment when you can rely on a professional who comes fully prepared.

Safety Remains the Priority

Removing tree stumps requires special equipment; you must know how to use these tools safely. Licensed tree care specialists prioritize safety during every project and can work around the tree stump without injuring themselves on any equipment or striking underground gas or power lines.

Professionals Use Various Methods

When most people think of the easiest way of removing a tree stump, they might imagine burning it down. While you can try this method on your own, it might not be the safest or most effective way to eliminate the stump. Arborists can recommend alternative methods, such as:

● Chemical treatments: Professionals drill into the stump and fill the holes with water, followed by a fertilizer rich in potassium nitrate to accelerate the rotting process.

● Stump grinding: A heavy-duty grinder allows arborists to level the ground and eliminate the stump.

● Physical removal: For smaller trees, an experienced tree crew can dig around the base and sever the primary roots, then lift the stump from the ground.

Benefits of Tree Stump Removal

Why do so many tree care companies offer stump grinding with tree removal services? Getting rid of dormant and living stumps provides the following benefits.

Increased Safety

If you’re walking through a field without paying attention, you could wind up tripping over a tree stump. Property owners can make their outdoor spaces safer by eliminating these potential hazards.

Healthier Trees

Cutting down a diseased tree but leaving its stump won’t resolve the problem. You risk losing other trees to vegetative diseases or pest infestations. Tree diseases and pests can feast on the dead stump before eventually moving on to the surrounding plants.

Keep your vegetation healthy and vibrant by caring for any tree stumps on your property.

Improved Curb Appeal

Imagine how much nicer your property will look if you have a sprawling yard with no tree stumps sticking out of the ground. Investing in a stump removal service greatly enhances your curb appeal.

Consult Charlotte’s Tree Care Experts

Charlotte locals can count on Monster Tree Service of South Charlotte for everything from routine pruning to emergency tree removal services. Our specialists have solutions for removing tree stumps and maintaining the health of your remaining vegetation. To request a service, call (704) 741-4432.