3 Tips on How to Deal with a Tree Dead on Top in Greater Austin, TX

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Dealing with a dead tree on top of the tree line seems impossible to handle on your own. Thankfully, Monster Tree Service of Greater Austin has solutions to remove a dead crown on trees so your vegetation can thrive. We're the most trusted tree removal contractor in the city of Austin and will take care of any tree with a dead canopy. 

Check out our expert tips if you notice crown dieback in trees. 

What Causes Tree Canopy Death?

An Austin property owner might find the top of the tree dead because of either drought, insects, or inadequate soil affecting the roots. It's not always easy to detect the top of the tree dying, but a few signs to watch out for include:

  • Leaves falling outside of peak season

  • Weak or falling branches from the top of the tree

  • Abnormal foliage colors

You can hire a local tree care company to prune the tree regularly to maintain healthy growth. These arborist-led teams can also evaluate any hazards with the tree, such as diseases, root damage, or pest infestations. 

How to Treat a Dying Tree Canopy

The first step when fixing a tree dead on top of the tree line is to pinpoint the underlying cause. Once you determine the reason for the tree's decay, you can apply the following treatments.

1. Water the Vegetation

Droughts quickly deplete tree roots of moisture so you need to give them plenty of water. The tree should receive enough water to wet the first foot of soil beneath the surface. Insulate the roots so they retain water by applying a layer of mulch around the base of the tree. 

2. Test the Soil

Arborists test the contents of soil to see if a tree receives the proper nutrients. The results of this test can help them create a fertilizer that will nourish the roots so they can thrive.

3. Deter Pests

If pests infiltrate your plants, you'll need to apply a strong chemical solution that keeps them away without damaging the tree. Experts use either insecticide or horticultural oil to repel pests but you'll have to keep an eye on your trees to see if they return. 

Why Call a Professional?

Tree care companies have the knowledge and resources available to treat a tree that's dead on top. You risk causing further damage to the tree if you attempt to resolve the problem yourself. For example, you might apply fertilizer that doesn't contain the nutrients your tree needs or overwater the tree when drought isn't what's causing the canopy death. 

Protect Your Trees with Professional Maintenance Services

If you spot the signs of a dead tree or notice a tree dead on top of the canopy, don't hesitate to call Monster Tree Service of Greater Austin. We specialize in tree health maintenance and will apply treatments that prevent the top of the tree from dying. You can trust our experts to revitalize your vegetation and enhance your property's outdoor appeal. 

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