Professional Tree and Plant Fertilization Service

Trees and plants need healthy environments to grow and remain healthy. There’s an enormous diversity of biology beneath our feet. The goal of our fertilization efforts is to supplement the nutrition in your soil to support healthy plant growth. Each independently owned Monster Tree Service location evaluates every aspect of your tree and plant needs and promotes a program based on soil health first.

Make sure your plants get the nutrition they need. Request an estimate online for professional fertilization services.

The Science Behind Tree Fertilization

When trees grow in the forest, everything they need is provided. Leaves and branches fall from the trees annually, depositing the organic matter that keeps soil composition balanced. That is, everything your tree needs is found in the areas where the roots grow. The soil remains relatively undisturbed by human activity, so trees can live out their best lives.

Tree fertilization services aim to condition the soil to mimic these optimal conditions. This is especially important for ornamental plants with differing nutrient needs, trees in cities or neighborhoods where the soil has been moved and altered substantially, and plants that are very young or very old.

We can advise you on the best fertilizer for new trees, how to supplement urban soil, and caring for trees with specific needs.

Knowing When You Need Tree Fertilization

Like water and sunlight, trees and shrubs need fertile soil to grow healthy and strong. Soil types will vary by region, and soil quality is impacted by land use and more. We can amend the soil or add nutrition to the trees and plants, allowing your landscaping to thrive.

Sometimes, a tree or shrub lets us know it needs additional nutrients. Here are some indicators that mean there’s an underlying issue:

  • Undersized leaves
  • Unusually pale colors
  • Yellow leaves
  • Reduced growth
  • Brown, mottled, or scorched leaves

When you choose fertilization services from Monster Tree Service, a member of our team will analyze your soil and create a comprehensive plan to get your trees and shrubs to optimal health.

Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs with Monster Tree Service

Hiring a professional is important. At Monster Tree Service, each location's arborists and plant health care specialists utilize their expertise to provide valuable, long-term solutions for common problems we see every day.

Our tree, shrub, and plant nutrient programs:

  • Promote soil health. Even healthy trees need a little TLC when it comes to the ground they grow in. Professional fertilization and soil amendments help trees grow strong from season to season.
  • Tailor fertilization. Whether we’re addressing a visible problem or encouraging robust growth in general, we customize our fertilization to your tree and soil needs.
  • Focus on ailing plants. We’ll care for all of your trees and plants, but we pride ourselves on paying special attention to the plants that need it. If any of your trees show signs of stunted growth or deficiency, we’ll make sure to get them what they lack.
  • Scan for additional problems. Our arborists will also be on the lookout for signs of disease or pests, so we can address those problems, as well as provide lasting solutions to create the environment your trees need long-term.

We provide everything from a custom-mix fertilizer for planting trees to soil injections to correct a nutrient deficiency in ailing trees or shrubs. You can schedule a one-time tree fertilization service or talk to our plant health experts about how often to schedule recurring services through our soil program.

How to Fertilize Trees with Monster Tree Service: The Fertilization Process

We don’t just show up and pour some mulch around your plants. Our professional arborists will:

  1. Analyze your plants, paying attention to signs of deficiencies or declining health.
  2. Analyze soil for compact or other detrimental conditions and provide basic options to improve.
  3. Perform an optional soil analysis for a closer look, if added to the service.
  4. Provide a program best suited for the tree species, the area it’s planted, and soil health.
  5. Perform a soil injection by adding appropriate nutrients or soil amendments at regular intervals to the areas optimal for root growth. Tree roots CAN and should grow deep into the soil. However, due to soil compaction or other poor conditions, the roots are often unable to grow optimally. We create that optimal environment for your plants.
  6. Provide recommendations for future care. This includes scheduling follow-up services.

The Importance of Professional Fertilization Services

The best approach to optimal tree health is to ensure your soils are the strong foundation your trees need and then we can supply added nutrients that could be deficient and unavailable for your plants.

Fertilizers that are improperly applied can burn the roots of your plants, causing irreversible damage. More, fertilizers can be difficult to select and safely store.

At Monster Tree Service, it’s our vision to partner with you to grow stronger, healthier trees, shrubs, and plants on your property. Not only do we fertilize and provide soil amendments, but we offer a wide variety of plant health care services to optimize the health of your landscaping.

Finding Professional Tree Fertilization Near Me

For professional fertilization customized to your needs, call (888) 744-0155 now or request a free estimate online to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fertilizer for trees and shrubs?

Your plants’ needs will differ depending on soil conditions, region, and the types of plants. Monster’s approach is to get to the root of the problem (no pun intended) by addressing the underlying issues with a tailored fertilizer that works for YOUR plants. It all starts in the soil, so that’s where we start too.

When is the best time to fertilize trees?

It’s best to use fertilizer in the spring and fall. Because we prefer a holistic approach, we customize our programs to your trees’ needs. We still prefer to provide nutrients and amendments in spring and fall, but also offer soil amendments that aid during dry or drought conditions or to prepare your tree prior to storms.

We prefer a three-step approach that provides optimal products to your soil, activates the biology, and supplements soil composition and structure.

How do I know how often to fertilize my trees?

Encouraging optimal tree health depends on many variables. Monster Tree Service arborists provide guidance and a program to ensure your trees remain as healthy as can be. While your trees may need different care, young, immature trees tend to need fertilization about once a year. Mature trees typically need a nutrient boost every two to three years.

Related Services

Keep your yard’s plants healthy with other trusted services from Monster Tree Service:

  • Purchase a soil analysis or tissue test. We will help you understand the results and provide optimal products.
  • Deadwooding your tree helps clear the way for new growth, minimizes stress and spread of fungal diseases or pest problems, and removes potential hazards from your trees.
  • Protect your trees with insect and disease management from our local, professional arborists.

Helpful Resources

Our History

In 2008, Monster Tree Service began as a small tree service company providing arboricultural care to Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Our founder was committed to promoting the growth of healthy trees and giving homeowners unparalleled service while taking care of their yards and homes. As a result, when other tree service businesses struggled to find jobs, our company kept working through every season, growing and expanding like the trees we care for.

Now we’ve become the nation’s first tree care franchise for a simple reason: Our approach works. Customers love working with us because we’re honest. When we tell customers they do or don’t need a particular service, they know we mean it. Because we care about trees, we’ll always fight for ways to rehabilitate your tree rather than remove it. When we do recommend removal, it’s because we know it’s the only thing that’s safe for your home and family.

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