How to Prep Trees for Storm Season

How to Prep Your Trees for Storm Season

An unexpected storm can wreak havoc on your property, downing trees and causing severe damage to your yard and home. Don’t get caught off guard when the next storm strikes. Instead, prepare ahead of time and learn how to prep your trees for storm season. Taking the necessary steps to prepare your trees for bad weather will help keep your home and family safe through the storm. The Monster Tree Service team reveals the top three threats storms pose to your trees and three simple solutions for weathering the storm ahead.


The Top 3 Storm Threats to Trees

Know what to watch out for when bad weather comes your way. These are the top three threats storms pose to your trees.

#1 Severe Winds

According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, severe winds exceeding 50 mph are the most common cause of damage during a storm, surpassing the destruction caused by tornadoes and lightning. Strong wind gusts can down branches and even uproot mature trees, damaging property and threatening safety.

#2 Lightning

NASA research says that lighting is four times hotter than the sun! With thousands of lightning storms happening around the world at any given time, lighting poses a severe safety risk to people and trees. Lightning can damage and kill a tree, even sparking fires that can spread throughout entire communities.

#3 Snow and Ice

While summer storms bring rain, wind, and lightning, winter storms bring snow and ice. Snow and ice can collect in tree branches, weighing down the tree and leading to broken limbs or uprooting. Cold conditions can also decrease a tree’s ability to survive disease and pest infestations. In addition to prepping your yard for storms, having a winter storm recovery plan to mitigate snow and ice is also essential.


Are Your Trees Safe in a Storm?

So, are your trees safe from these top storm risks? The first step is to assess your trees and their vulnerabilities. Look for signs of dead branches, leaning, or unseasonably brown leaves. At Monster Tree Service, our certified arborists offer professional tree inspections. Knowing the health of your trees will help you better prepare your trees for storm season.


3 Ways to Prep Your Trees for Storm Season

You don’t have to weather this storm alone! Here are our expert tips for prepping your trees for storm season.

#1 Pruning

Annual pruning not only promotes healthy tree growth but also removes limbs at risk of breaking during a wind or snowstorm. Old or dying branches crack under pressure, landing on powerlines, roofs, or other structures on your property. A tree weighed down by too many limbs can even topple during a powerful gust of wind! Pruning is one of the best ways to keep your tree healthy and prepared to weather the next storm.

#2 Tree Lightning Protection Systems

You can install lightning rods on your tree to intercept the bolt and send it to the ground without causing damage to the tree. Lighting rods don’t attract or prevent lightning strikes from occurring. They simply manage the risk of harm. If your tree has already suffered a lightning strike, you may be able to revive it. Continue watering the tree and call a certified arborist to suggest necessary plant health care services.

#3 Pest and Disease Control

Healthy trees are resilient! A tree sick with a disease, growing in poor conditions, or infested with pests is less likely to survive damage from a storm. Ensure your tree is in good health with regular insect and disease management. Our certified arborists can help you spray for pests, supply nutrients, and keep your tree happy and healthy year-round.


Post-Storm Tree Care

After a storm strikes, take the time to ensure your trees are intact. First, inspect your trees for signs of damage, such as broken branches, bark loss, or leaning. If your tree is damaged, take the initial steps to secure your yard, including roping off the area and calling your local arborist. In most cases, a certified arborist can prune your tree and prepare it for the next storm season. However, sometimes storms lead to downed trees — no matter how prepared you are. If your tree poses an immediate safety risk to you and your property, enlist the help of our emergency tree services. The Monster Tree Service team will be there to help you clean up after the storm and get your yard as good as new!