The Calm After the Storm: Winter Storm Recovery Essentials

Learn Winter Storm Recovery Essentials for Your Property

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! Winter storms bring flurries of snow, icy roads, and in some cases, damage to your home, trees, and shrubs. When braving a winter storm, the number one concern is staying safe and warm. But, what do you do in the calm after the storm? The Monster Tree Service team is here to help in the snowy aftermath. Let's walk through the winter storm recovery essentials and what steps to take to minimize the damage to your yard after the big blizzard. It's time to turn your frightful tundra of a yard back into a winter wonderland that will thaw beautifully into a spring garden.

What to Do After a Winter Storm to Protect Your Yard

Here are the winter storm recovery essentials you need to ensure your property is protected.

Assess Damages

The first thing to do after a winter storm has passed is to assess the damages in your yard. Remember, safety first! Make sure to dress warmly, wear stable boots, and never put yourself in a dangerous situation while assessing. Then, walk your yard and note any damaged branches, leaning trees, or downed plants. Be sure to note any damaged trees or dangerous-looking ones that you feel need special attention. This will be helpful when an expert arborist comes to survey the trees and shrubs on your property.

Don't Rush Snow and Ice Removal

After a winter storm, the last thing you probably want to look at is snow and ice. However, don't rush snow and ice removal from your trees and plants. Trying to remove snow and ice forcibly can further damage your trees and shrubs. Instead, gently dust off loose snow from hedges and shrubs and allow nature to melt the rest away.

Prop Up Small Fallen Trees and Plants

Big snowstorms can bring strong winds, potentially uprooting younger trees and plants during the winter storm. Prop up any small plants that may have fallen and add a fresh layer of soil to protect the roots. Don't attempt to lift and replant mature trees without the opinion and help of an ISA-certified arborist.

Prune Unsafe Branches

After enough snow has melted away, be sure to call an expert to prune damaged or unsafe branches. Damaged branches create stress on the tree or shrub and can pose a health risk to the rest of the anatomy. You may feel it will be an easy task to take on by yourself. However, it's always best to have professional assistance to ensure the tree or shrub is pruned correctly, as improper pruning can negatively affect them.

When to Call in the Experts to Assist With Winter Storm Recovery Essentials

One of the most essential things you need to know after a winter storm is when to call in the experts. Here's how Monster Tree Service ISA-certified arborists can help recover your yard after the storm has passed.

Preventative Tree Removal

Preventative tree removal takes care of trees that may be too close to the home or other structures on the property or have experienced damage during a previous winter storm and have weakened as a result, posing a potential threat amidst a future storm. For example, leans, damaged roots, extensive cracks, and hanging branches all pose a risk to the safety of your home and family.

Emergency Tree Services

Emergency tree removal is the time-sensitive removal of a fallen tree that has caused damage to your home, car, powerline, or neighboring structures. These trees need to be removed as quickly as possible to help you recover from the storm.

Storm Cleanup

Some winter storms leave behind a trail of damage that is too much for one household to handle alone and, in many cases, can be quite dangerous. Our storm damage cleanup and debris removal services employ the necessary tools and experience to get your yard clean and safe — fast!

Find Calm After the Storm

Winter storms leave an icy trail of damage, but the Monster Tree Service team is here to help warm things up. Our crews are quick, considerate, and safety-conscious, so you'll feel at ease knowing your trees are taken care of without causing any further issues. Let's get your property back to a clean, polished look in time for sunny days ahead. Whether the storm damage was extensive or minimal, Monster Tree Service will be there to help you find the calm before and after the storm.