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Why Are Spring Fertilization Treatments Crucial For Tree and Shrubs?

Many people recognize the importance of fertilization for their plants. However, most don't realize that the spring season is a particularly vital period to employ fertilization treatments to help support their trees and shrubs in this growth and recovery season. That's why we're giving you some insight into the reasons why it's essential to do so!

Counteract Damage Resulting from Harsh Winters

Many areas experience particularly harsh winters that can sometimes cause severe damage to your trees and shrubs. These can include the following:

  • Freezing weather can cause trees to frost, like a "frostbite" for your trees.
  • Build-up on trees from severe snow and ice storms often stress the limbs of trees. It's important to counteract the damages caused by harsh winters with a boost of vital nutrients provided by spring fertilization products.

Newly Planted Trees and Shrubs Need Some Extra TLC

Young and newly planted trees and shrubs require extra nutrients and proper care to support adequate growth in early life stages.

  • More established and mature trees harvest resources stored from previous years. Since newly planted trees and shrubs are just beginning their growth journey, they don't have the luxury of tapping into those leftover elements from years prior.
  • Utilizing spring fertilization treatments on new trees and shrubs acts as a support system to give them vital resources to help them properly establish their roots.

Trees Located in Urban Locations Need Extra Support

One of the most obvious reasons has to do with the location of the trees. However, many people don't consider this to be a factor in the trees' growth on their properties.

  • A tree's natural habitat is in the forest, surrounded by other plant life that creates a soil boasting with natural elements and nutrients that support optimal growth. Trees that reside in urban environments (i.e., around the home, office, etc.) don't benefit from tapping into these resources typically accessible by simply living in a more natural habitat.
  • The more urban the environment, the more pollutants trees, and shrubs are exposed to. It's no secret that our carbon footprint negatively impacts our environment and its plant life. Pollutants produced by everything we use that is powered by unnatural resources can not only strip nutrients from plants but can also negatively impact their ability to continue absorbing vital nutrients.

Early Support from Fertilization Promotes Pest and Disease Prevention

It's imperative that trees consistently have the proper and sufficient amount of nutrients to support growth year-round.

  • When a tree lacks certain nutrients or has an insufficient level of nutrients, it increases vulnerability to attacks from seasonal pests and diseases.
  • Similar to how humans need vaccinations to help their immune systems defend against diseases or "bugs," trees also need that extra support system. When trees don't have this added support system in place, it puts them in a place where they're unprepared to fight them off.

Don't wait! Start scheduling your spring fertilization treatments now before it's too late. Our plant healthcare experts are always ready to step in and help you get your trees ready for the warmer seasons. With the combination of their extensive training and state-of-the art products, our team is the best resource available to ensure your trees and shrubs' optimal health.