What’s Plant Health Care & Why is it Important?

What’s Plant Health Care & Why is It Important?

Did you know that trees and plants need regular check-ups and preventative care to maintain their health and wellness, just like humans? While you wouldn’t skip an annual check-up or a doctor’s appointment when you're sick, we often forget to care for our plants when they show signs of disease. Sometimes, we overlook the symptoms completely! But, what exactly is plant health care, and why is it so important? You may initially think that your trees don’t need plant health care. However, invisible threats to your tree’s health could cost you time, money, and frustration down the line. The Monster Tree Service team explains preventative plant health care, its importance, and when to seek expert care for your trees and gardens.


What is Plant Health Care?

Trees add beauty to your yard, benefiting your family and the environment. So, we should give them the care they deserve. Plant health care refers to holistic, preventative maintenance for your plants to keep your landscape healthy and prevent future complications. Rather than addressing problems like pest infestations after the creepy crawlies have taken over, plant health care services can help minimize the threat before it even begins — saving time and money.


Standard plant health care services include:

  • Fertilization gives trees the nutrients they need to grow and maintain their health.

  • Insect and disease management address pest and disease issues that present a more serious threat to the health of the tree/shrub.

  • Root collar excavation clears the base of your tree from excess mulch, stone, or debris and soil build-up that can promote pest and disease infestation and ultimate decline.

  • Soil testing checks for nutrient availability in the soil or can identify deficiencies to ensure your tree has what it needs to continue to thrive.


Plant health care goes beyond just caring for a few trees. It is a comprehensive approach to maintaining your entire landscape. The frequency of plant health care visits depends on environmental conditions, yard size, and plantings. After an initial consultation, your plant health expert can recommend the best course of action for you and your yard.


Why is Plant Health Care Important?

So, why is plant health care so important? It’s important because our trees and yards are an investment. They provide environmental benefits but also impact your property's value. So, like any investment, you should take the proper measures to maintain your beautiful mature trees.


Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t call in a professional for plant health care services until it’s too late and a disease or pest infection has already taken over their tree or yard. While you may not initially think your plants need professional check-ups, regular plant health care services can save you time, money, and stress. In addition, plant health care professionals can uncover tree health issues that go overlooked and address them before bigger problems arise.


If you don't catch issues like pests and diseases early, it becomes more costly and sometimes difficult to help restore tree health. If your tree dies or becomes structurally unsound, you will have to pay for tree removal services to keep your property safe. Removing mature trees can be costly, and replacement saplings will take years to grow into the big shady tree you once loved. Invest in regular plant health care to preserve your trees and the investment you’ve made into your yard.


How Do I Know If I Need Plant Health Care?

If you have plants, you need plant health care! Even if your yard looks healthy, you should call in the experts to assess your plants and ensure they have the environment they need to thrive. After all, you never really know what’s happening below the soil’s surface. Additionally, if you’ve noticed that your tree foliage has changed color or looks spotty, it may be a sign that your plants are malnourished or suffering from an infestation. Call in the plant health care experts with the technology, skill, and know-how to get your yard a clean bill of health. Contact your local Monster Tree Service to begin your plant health care journey.