How Trees Help Clean The Air

How Do Trees Clean the Air? We Explain How Trees Help Maintain Air Quality

Trees have many essential roles in our ecosystem. They provide homes for birds and wildlife, offer shady spots for us to relax on hot days, add beauty to our lawns, and even increase the value of our homes. However, a tree’s most important role is to produce oxygen and help maintain air quality. After all, oxygen is one of our most important resources, and trees are one of the biggest suppliers of clean air! So, how do trees clean the air? The Monster Tree Service team explains how trees help maintain air quality by removing pollution.


How Do Trees Clean the Air and Prevent Pollution?

Trees clean the air in various ways, including removing pollutants and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For example, a tree’s ability to disperse and trap pollutants allows them to scrub carbon dioxide (CO2), REMOVED THIS, and particulate matter from the atmosphere.

Converting Carbon Dioxide

Plants are often seen as the “lungs” of the ecosystem because they take in carbon dioxide and RELEASE oxygen through photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide makes up a small portion of the atmosphere and causes adverse health effects in humans. Luckily, healthy trees convert carbon dioxide into fresh and healthy oxygen during photosynthesis.


Blocking Particulate Matter

Like dust, particulate matter is any micro pollutant that can come from fires, construction, factories, or car exhaust. Trees can block particulate matter from reaching humans by trapping the particles in their leaves and bark, which can then be washed away by rain.

Reducing Greenhouse Gasses

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, which helps to reduce greenhouse gasses. However, trees also provide shade to our homes which can help reduce the need to run air conditioning units that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. They help purify the air in more ways than one!


Trees Have an Important Role in the Ecosystem

Trees have a crucial role in the ecosystem by providing habitats and maintaining healthy air quality for the entire planet. Trees create the oxygen we need to survive, and they work to remove the pollutants that can harm our health and deplete the ozone layer. With the help of trees, we can shade our structures to reduce our energy consumption and breathe easily, knowing our air is free from dangerous chemicals and particulate matter.


What are the Best Trees for Cleaning the Air?

All trees have the potential to be great air purifiers! But, some trees are better than others at getting the job done. Here are the qualities of the best trees for cleaning the air.

Size and Growth

The bigger the tree, the better it can clean. Larger trees TYPICALLY produce more oxygen while reducing carbon dioxide and trapping particulate matter. Conifers are great purifiers because of their canopies and year-round foliage production. Pines and cypresses are GREAT OPTIONS. Red cedar is also good because it can thrive in landscapes with poor soil.


Trees Improve Air Quality and Human Health

While trees can help reduce air pollution and block particulate matter, they are only part of the solution to clean air. As residents of Planet Earth, it is our job to help reduce emissions and protect our trees. Start by planting new trees and preserving the health of mature trees. The Monster Tree Service team can help with all of your tree trimming and Plant Health Care needs to keep your trees healthy and our lungs happy!