Women in Science: Kathy Glassey, Director of Renewable Resources

Women in Science Q & A

With Director of Renewable Resources, Kathy Glassey

In honor of International Women in Science Day, we sat down with Monster Tree Service's entomology and Plant Health Care powerhouse, Director of Renewable Service's, Kathy Glassey for a Q & A on her role in science.

Q: Can you give us some insight into your role as the Director of Renewable Resources here at Monster Tree Service?

A: As the Director of Renewable Resources here at Monster Tree Service, I spearhead the implementation of our Plant Health Care services nationwide. By conducting continuous research, I ensure our products and methods are the most effective options available to yield our clients' best results.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Plant Health Care, and what inspired her to pursue this career?

A: I really enjoy connecting with our team and helping them grow while abiding by regulations and keeping the environment in mind. I feel strongly that there is a balance for everything in life and that nature provides multitudes of physical and mental benefits. I love that I can provide my team with vital tools and knowledge to help strengthen the environment one tree at a time.

Q: What inspired you to turn your passion for trees and the environment into a career?

A: I've always been extremely passionate about the outdoors. We all deserve to enjoy our outdoor investments/environment in the safest way possible. I believe that we all play an instrumental role in treating our environment with respect, and it's important for me to leave a legacy for future generations. It's my goal to treat people and Mother Nature accordingly!

Kathy is one of our most valuable resources for the continued development of our Plant Health Care services. She is an expert on all things regarding tree health, invasive species, and tree diseases. We are thrilled to have her as our very own "Woman in Science," and we hope her story inspires other young women to pursue a future in entomology and Plant Health Care!