Winter Deer Damage to Plants

The deer population in many rural and suburban areas is high. They are most noticeable in the winter months in places where the ground is covered with snow and the supply of acorns and low-growing plants, the deer’s primary food source, is reduced. Deer adapt by browsing on arborvitaes, English hollies, flowering plants, and other evergreens during this period. They can chew off the lower foliage up to a height of six feet.

The damage to your evergreens can be reduced or prevented entirely by applications of non-toxic, deer-repellant sprays. These sprays make the evergreens less tasty to the deer. The spray coats the leaves of the evergreen with a weatherproof coating of black pepper, hot sauce, and rosemary and mint essential oils. This treatment is clear and will not discolor the plants or harm the deer, but will encourage them to move on to find a different food source than your favorite plants!

At Monster Tree Service, we can help you protect the health and beauty of your trees from deer. Call anytime so our professional arborists can help you develop a plan to protect the value of your home.

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