Tree Stump Removal & Grinding Services

Stump Grinding ServicesFor Fast and Effective Stump Grinding Service, Hire an Experienced Arborist at Monster Tree Service

Are you ready to get rid of unsightly stumps on your property? If so, Monster Tree Service is here to help. With our assistance, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of renting a stump grinder and doing the hazardous work on your own. We’ll quickly, safely, and efficiently grind up or yank out any tree stump taking up valuable space in your yard. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, protective gear, and in-depth training, we have the tools and techniques to complete the job correctly.

What Is the Difference Between Stump Removal and Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding and stump removal have similar results but varying techniques. Stump removal involves utilizing heavy-duty equipment to yank a tree out of the ground. Grinding breaks up the stump into tiny pieces. Both approaches have respective pros and cons. Choosing which is best for you will depend on your unique circumstances.

Tree Stump Removal

The stump removal process is intensive and intrusive. It entails ripping out the bulky tree stump with a high-powered machine and digging up the tree’s root system. This process requires a lot of time, strenuous manual labor, and specialty tools. The upside is that once the stump is removed and the hole is refilled with soil, you will have eliminated all traces of your tree and can start anew.

Tree Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is less intrusive than removal. This method entails utilizing a machine to shred the stump into woodchips. These woodchips can be repurposed as mulch for other plants or thrown away. Grinding is the faster, more efficient way to remove unsightly stumps from your yard. However, it does not remove the tree’s root system. If you choose this method, you should consult with a landscaping professional before rebuilding or replanting on the same site.

This answer depends on your landscaping ambitions, budget, and soil situation. Stump grinding is often more straightforward and less expensive. Stump grinding will successfully remove the visible traces of the tree but leave the underground roots intact. These roots will naturally decay, but it can take more than a decade for complete decomposition.

On the other hand, stump removal is more extensive, time-consuming, and often pricier than stump grinding. However, when finished, stump removal will leave you with a clean slate – allowing you to build or grow new plants without any problem. If you’re still unsure whether stump removal or grinding is preferable for your situation, our professional arborists can offer further advice.

Reasons You Should Get Rid of Your Tree Stump in the Ground

Some of the primary benefits of tree stump removal include:

  1. Improving the curbside appeal of your home
  2. Freeing up space for landscaping and hardscaping
  3. Preserving the health of surrounding flora
  4. Ensuring the safety of loved ones

Avoid Rotting and Pest Infestation

Removing a tree stump is a wise safeguard to prevent decay, mold, or pests. Neglected tree stumps can spread diseases and attract unwanted insects. Nobody wants to invite termites, beetles, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects onto their property. Besides insects, a tree stump can also host toxic fungi that no one wants around pets and small children. Moreover, an infested stump will put nearby plants, flowers, trees, and vegetation at risk. If it hosts termites, it may even put your home at risk.

For Aesthetic Purposes

There is no way to sugar-coat it: tree stumps are ugly. When left to rot, they can make a beautiful landscape appear shabby. This is why many homeowners decide to remove tree stumps before putting their homes on the real estate market. Be proactive and spruce up your landscape today! By removing your stump, you can plant a new tree or add a new landscaping feature without any future problems.

Free Up the Space

A tree stump can get in the way of new and exciting landscaping projects. By having it removed, you can explore new design possibilities. You can replace it with a fire pit or set up a jacuzzi in the area it once was. If people walk across your lawn or children play in your yard, neglected tree stumps can also be significant safety hazards. Reduce your liability – get rid of tree stumps before someone trips and is injured.

A dormant tree stump might also nourish a root system beneath the soil. Roots can be invasive and aggressive underground – harming sewer pipes, sidewalks, and other structural foundations. Grinding or removing your stump can prevent expensive plumbing emergencies and dangerous uneven concrete.

Cost of Stump Removal VS Stump Grinding

In general, stump removal tends to cost exponentially more than stump grinding. Many factors play into the costs of stump removal vs. stump grinding, including:

  1. The stump’s diameter
  2. The tree’s age
  3. The soil type
  4. The root system
  5. The disposal/repurposing decisions
  6. The number of stumps being removed

Diameter of Stump

The diameter of tree stumps will significantly impact the price. Each added inch substantially increases the amount of work necessary to complete the job. If you have multiple stumps to grind, our arborists can estimate an upfront cost by calculating the average diameter of all your stumps (in inches) and multiplying this number by the number of stumps you want us to remove.

Age of Stump

Old stumps are often rotting, decayed, and easier to grind down. Therefore, they will not require very much force, effort, or heavy-duty machinery to remove. This can drastically reduce the cost of the stump removal or grinding project.

Soil Condition

Soil conditions can either increase or decrease the amount of work involved with stump removal. Rocky and compact soil are trickier than soft soil, requiring our arborists to work carefully to avoid damaging equipment: We must remove rocks and loosen the dirt before starting. At the same time, dry and clay-based soil can also be tough to dig up, making a tree considerably challenging to remove as well.

Type of Tree Stump

Certain types of tree stumps can be tougher to grind than others. Some tree stumps are especially hard and stubborn, such as:

  • Pine stumps
  • Silver maple stumps
  • Elm stumps
  • Spruce stumps
  • Acacia stumps

The condition of a stump will impact the ease or difficulty of removal. If left dry and sunbaked for too long, a stump can turn nearly hard as a rock. Utilizing best-in-class machinery and sharp-toothed grinders and chainsaws, we can take care of any stump.

Root System

As you might expect, stumps with minimal roots are cheaper to remove than stumps with extensive root systems. Regardless of how entangled and complex your tree stump’s root system is, we have the equipment and techniques to unearth every tendril.

Total Number of Stumps

The total number of stumps is a key component when determining the overall price of a tree stump removal assignment. Rest assured: At Monster Tree Service, we do everything in our power to make our services budget-friendly.

Cleanup Required

General cleanup of your landscape is always included in the price. Our arborists will leave your property looking spick-and-span. If you hire us for stump grinding services and need your pile of woodchips to be disposed of, we can do so for an additional disposal fee that is fair, reasonable, and transparent. That said, most homeowners reuse and recycle the woodchips in practical, inventive ways.

Can I Perform a DIY Tree Stump Removal or Is it Better to Hire a Tree Care Expert?

A DIY approach to tree stump removal may cut short-term expenses but cost you time, money, and stress in the long run. Unless you own tree grinding machinery and have the requisite skills, we highly advise having one of our expert arborists take care of the tree stump removal process safely and effectively. When using heavy-duty equipment, an amateur risks serious injury. Chainsaws and grinders can be tricky appliances with grave consequences.

We warn against experimenting with unconventional DIY stump removal methods, such as using gasoline to burn a stump or applying nitrogen to eat away at the wood. If they work at all, the results of these methods are usually underwhelming. These methods are also risky: using fire and unhealthy chemicals to get the job done.

By hiring our tree stump removal specialists, you will receive an affordable rate and be treated with a renewed landscape before you know it. We have the training, experience, and machinery (stump grinders, chainsaws, and woodchippers) necessary to do all the heavy work.

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Why Choose the Tree Experts at Monster Tree Service?

Since 2008, Monster Tree Service has remained focused on delivering high-quality tree care services at fair, competitive prices. Our friendly arborists are thoroughly prepared and ready to ensure your landscape stays healthy, beautiful, and strong.

We're Professional Arborists

Trees can weigh up to thousands of pounds. As a result, our tree removal technicians constantly operate heavy machinery to grind tree stumps or excavate roots. Many of our locations even own and operate in-house cranes. To ensure everyone’s safety, we require our arborists to be certified and insured and we make our arborists complete essential skills and training courses.

We're Licensed and Insured

We ensure that each independently owned Monster Tree Service location is fully compliant with:

  • OSHA work safety rules
  • Department of Transportation vehicle operation guidelines
  • State-issued statutes and regulations
  • TCIA-approved safety programs
  • Legal state requirements for licensing and insurance

Our arborists are licensed to perform tree services at all levels and we’d be happy to provide a copy of our licenses upon request. We also require each of our locations to be insured with Liability Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, vehicle insurance, and umbrella policies. Our comprehensive insurance policies are for your peace of mind. In the rare case of an accident or property damage, you can rest assured that we are insured.

We Use State-of-the-Art Tree Trimming Equipment

Our arborists combine high-level expertise with cutting-edge equipment to deliver fast and effective tree and stump removal services. Our cutting and grinding equipment include:

  • Pole saws & loppers
  • Hand saws, hatchets, & axes
  • Woodchippers & wedges
  • Saw scabbards & chainsaws

We Have Expert-Level Knowledge and Insight

Stump grinding may seem simple, but it can be deceptively complex. Some types of wood, such as oak, are remarkably easy to grind. Other types can be incredibly tough to grind. We will assess the situation and proceed accordingly.

Our professionals will also make sure that:

  • Our root removal and stump grinding machinery doesn’t damage utility lines, sewer lines, or surrounding vegetation
  • Your roots are not threatening critical plumbing or electrical infrastructure
  • The correct machinery is being used for the type of tree stump
  • Your soil is sufficiently replenished to avoid dangerous sinkholes from forming

We Do FREE Dangerous-Tree Assessment

Depending on the type of wood, the soil, and the root system, we can determine the level of risk posed by your tree stump. Some root systems are invasive and thirsty – eager to penetrate pipelines and other sewage infrastructure underground. When roots rupture pipes, the consequences can be smelly and pricey.

We can also gauge how susceptible your stump is to decay, insect/termite infestation, rot, and disease. The best part: Our thorough on-site inspections are complimentary. Call (888) 744-0155 to request a visit today!

We Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

With reasonable prices, environmentally friendly services, electronic payment options, forthright estimates, and responsive communications, every Monster Tree Service customer can expect a swift and seamless tree removal experience. From offering professional recommendations to treating each landscape with stellar craftsmanship and exceptional care, we go above and beyond to be proactive and helpful.

Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Frequently Asked Questions

To learn even more about our tree removal services and arboreal offerings, check out our helpful FAQ.

Will a Tree Grow Back if You Grind the Stump?

After being ground down, tree roots will not sprout anew. Instead, they will deteriorate over time. The process of this decomposition is long and slow. This means you could run into issues planting a new tree, as the new roots may have trouble finding available space in the soil.

Can I Build Over the Area Where a Stump Was Ground Out?

It is essential that tree stumps are thoroughly ground out and that the soil is compact and flat before applying a concrete slab. If you build over an existing tree stump, the underlying foundation will be vulnerable to uneven ground, sinkholes, invasive roots, termites, and ants. By grinding down tree stumps and filling in the resulting space with compact soil, we can make it possible to begin new construction safely.

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Our stellar team of arborists deliver exceptional results every day. Punctual and accommodating, we will work around your busy schedule to find a convenient appointment time. Offering honest and responsive estimates, industry-leading workmanship, and eco-friendly services, we take pride in being an elite tree removal service you can trust.

Give us a call at (888) 744-0155 or find your local Monster Tree for a free estimate!

*Check with your local franchise – services may vary by location.

Whether you need one stump ground out or an enormous lot cleared of them, Monster Tree provides the highest-quality professional tree service.

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