Beat the Heat: Summer Tree & Shrub Care Tips

Beat the Heat: The Importance of Tree Drought Preparation and Summer Nutrients

Summer vacation may be relaxing for us, but it can be harsh on trees when summer droughts and heatwaves roll into town. So while you’re soaking up the summer sun, make sure your trees soak up plenty of water and appropriate nutrients or soil amendments to keep them looking green all season long. To help you prepare your trees for droughts this summer, our tree care experts at Monster Tree Service discuss the importance of tree drought preparation. With our three summer tree care tips, you and your trees will be well on your way to becoming summer ready!

Do My Trees Need Drought Preparation?

First, most trees planted in a residential or commercial setting need supplementation of sorts. When leaves are removed in the fall, the organic matter for the soil is removed. Soils may be too compact or not optimal for overall tree health. Proper PHC can provide necessary nutrients and/or amendments to ensure your trees are better able to withstand dry or drought conditions.

Here are the signs that your trees may need help getting through the summer season.

  • Discoloration in leaves
  • Thinner canopy
  • Less annual spring growth
  • Dead branches
  • Dry cracked or compacted soil
  • Lower than average rainfall
  • Higher than average temperatures

If you need help identifying your trees’ needs, consult a professional arborist and he/she can evaluate testing needs for your soil.

3 Tips for Tree Nutrition and Care During Summer

1. Use the Right Amount of Water

The best way to prepare your trees for summer drought is to use the right amount of water to keep the soil hydrated. If rainfall is lower than average, consider supplemental watering once every week or consult a professional arborist to provide options to better aide your tree during these periods.

. There is a delicate balance to giving your trees just enough water — you don’t want to over or underwater, especially when they’re stressed. Trees typically need 10 gallons of water per one inch of trunk diameter. The average garden hose generates around ten gallons of water every five minutes. So, if you have a tree with a three-inch diameter trunk, you will need to water it once a week for 15 minutes. Monitor the soil regularly to ensure it’s not too dry or soggy.

2. Boost Nutrient Levels

Just as we need a proper diet and hydration, a tree has similar needs, however, these nutrients are provided under our feet, and it all begins with healthy soil structure and biodiversity. A comprehensive PHC program addressing soil health will help ensure your tree can withstand numerous issues.

Prune and Trim

If you’re lugging a heavy bag to the beach during summer vacation, you are much more likely to break a sweat than your friend who’s only holding a cold drink. Similarly, trees with dead, damaged, and diseased branches have a harder time managing summer heat and droughts — leaving them susceptible to dehydration and infestations. Professional tree pruning and trimming in the spring will help prepare your trees for a light and airy summer. Pruning relieves weight and stress, strengthens, and allows more light and air circulation through the tree. With fewer dead-weight branches to worry about, your tree will be able to supply water and nutrients to the areas that need it most.

Beat the Heat This Summer!

Preparing trees for harsh summer droughts and temperatures early in the season is the best way to keep them looking healthy all summer long. While our three summer tree care tips fit most trees, it’s important to remember that every tree is different. Consult an arborist at the start of the season for professional plant health care services to learn more about your trees’ unique needs. Stay cool with a free estimate from your local, licensed, and insured Monster Tree Service team.