Winter Damage, What Should I be Looking for?

Winter can be a hard time for a tree. Each tree can be impacted by the winter differently depending on what species it is, location, overall health of the tree, water conditions and the weather. During the winter, temperatures can fluctuate and winds can severely damage trees. One of the biggest threats to your tree is a sudden change in temperature. Woody trees have an especially hard time where there are sudden frosts; especially where it goes from one day of warm autumn to freezing winter overnight. This puts an immense amount of stress on your tree which can lead to damage.

When inspecting your tree during the winter months, please keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Frost Burn on Evergreens – Take a close look at the needles of your evergreen. Are they green? Good. If, however, they are brown or discolored, this may be a sign of winter damage to the tree.
  • Root Damage – Is your tree wilting? Your tree may be impacted by root damage. Your tree may have been planted too shallow or damaged by temperatures during the winter months.
  • Pests – Small rodents often feed on the bark of your trees during the winter. Remember to inspect your trees for any bark damage.
  • Weather – Keep an eye on what the weather is doing. Your tree may be impacted by a late spring freeze or temperatures that fluctuate from day to night.
  • Salt Damage – For those in snowy climates, keep an eye on any salt applications taking place on or near your property, particularly if a road or other treated service drains toward your trees or plants as salt and other chemicals used to remove snow can be lethal.
  • Frost Cracks – In winter the temperature fluctuations between daytime highs and nighttime lows may cause the water inside trees to freeze and thaw; the rapid expansion can cause the tree to develop cracks, sometimes many feet long, running up and down its trunk.

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