Tree and Shrub-Trimming and Pruning Services

Dead, asymmetrical, or structurally unsound trees and shrubs can create significant problems that threaten your safety and home, as well as your tree’s health. Our expert arborists can help by reshaping your bushes, shrubbery, and trees to nurture robust growth.

If your shrubs are overgrown, your trees are dangling over neighbors’ property, or you’re worried about a diseased tree, Monster Tree Service can help – no matter the size of the job! We provide professional tree pruning and tree-trimming services to get rid of unsightly and potentially dangerous overgrowth.

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Choose from Our Professional Pruning Services and Tree-Trimming Services

Equipped with best-in-class methods and cutting-edge equipment, our arborists offer the most dependable trimming and pruning services in town!

Cabling & Bracing

We install cable systems to support trees that might fail. We use cables to redistribute pressure and take the stress off weakened branches that can’t handle the weight. Cables and rods may help prevent a tree from splitting, minimizing further harm to the tree.

Learn more about our cabling & bracing services.

Tree Inspection

Our experienced and certified arborists can inspect your trees to catch potentially dangerous weaknesses before they cause maximum damage. With a professional tree inspection to catch problems lurking beneath the surface, we can proactively improve your trees' stability to protect your property.

Corrective Pruning

Your trees and shrubs can sometimes sprout a little too robustly, overgrowing into strange shapes or blocking their own inner branches from sunlight. The benefits of hiring a tree pruning company include:

  • Supporting healthy and shapely tree growth
  • Allowing sunlight to reach internal branches more thoroughly
  • Minimize the effect of insect infestations, decay, and diseases
  • Removing dead or dying branches and stubs

Nurture future growth for your beautiful landscape by hiring an experienced arborist for pruning trees and shrubs today!


Deadwooding, or the process of trimming dead wood off a tree offers benefits far beyond maintaining the beauty of your landscape. Rotting branches can attract pests and invasive insects that are harmful to surrounding vegetation. Removing the dead branches also prevents the tree from spending energy trying to heal branches past saving.

Weakened, dead wood is more likely to break off during storms and high winds, causing damage to your property or potentially injuring someone. Our arborists can assist in protecting your home by performing deadwooding services.

Crown Density Reduction

Crown density reduction is a pruning technique primarily used on hardwood trees to remove overgrowth that’s blocking out sunlight. By removing excess branches, we eliminate unnecessary weight burdening your trees so they can thrive stress-free. After an initial assessment, our arborists will tell you whether crown density reduction is necessary and recommend the optimal amount of reduction.

Shrub-Trimming Service

Shrub trimming can improve both the curbside appeal of your property and the health of your plants at the same time. Professional shrub-trimming and pruning services help interior branches enjoy sunlight and vital nutrients. Our knowledgeable and experienced arborists deliver expert care based on your shrub’s specific needs.

How You Know You May Need to Trim or Prune Your Trees and Shrubs

Trees certainly don’t need to be cut back every day, but how do you know it’s time for the expertise only tree-trimming companies can provide? 

Here are some reasons to start scheduling a professional trim:

  • To restore a sick or struggling tree to health. We highly recommend trimming and removing any diseased, injured, dying, infested, or dead branches from your trees immediately. This will foster healthy growth and can slow the spread of disease and reduce or eliminate the need for chemical treatments The faster sickly and compromised segments are removed, the faster your trees and shrubs can be healthily restored.
  • To solve small problems before they get big. If your tree starts showing sickly or dying branches, it’s important to act fast. Pruning can encourage healthy new growth, even down to the roots and promote a strong long-term structure for your tree. A stronger structure is less likely to fail or break as the tree grows larger. Early pruning is less stressful for the tree and often less expensive. Many structural issues and defects can be corrected while the tree is small.
  • To provide clearance. Dead branches and overgrowth can pose risks to nearby infrastructure, including driveways, roofs, fences, and phone & power lines. Fortunately, our professional arborists can aid in providing safe and ample clearance before your overgrown trees wreak havoc or annoy your neighbors.
  • To improve aesthetics. Removing dead and tangled branches leaves your yard looking tidy. We can also shape your trees and shrubs in a way that encourages spectacular blooms and complements your property.
  • To encourage a young tree to develop properly. Pruning young trees stimulates vigorous growth and removes weak and slow-growing sections. It can also encourage spurs, which produce flowers, fruit, and potent flower buds. Light summer pruning for fruit trees also provides better air circulation, mitigating the risk of disease, decay, and insect infestation.
  • To improve structure. Pruning and trimming can dramatically strengthen the structure of your trees. If requested, we can also prune and trim for special effects and decorative shapes.

Our arborists have the formal training to employ various pruning techniques, including:

Pollarding – Cutting off the crown and branches of a tree to promote top growth.

Coppicing - Cutting a shrub at ground level to stimulate bottom growth.

Espalier – Pruning a fruit tree or ornamental shrub to help it grow flat against a latticed wall.

To be a good neighbor. Be vigilant of your landscaping to avoid your trees encroaching on your neighbor’s land. A professional arborist can regularly trim and prune your trees back to your side of the fence.

Determining Your Tree Trimming Cost

The size and complexity of a tree-trimming project are the two biggest factors in determining the cost of a trim, but there are others. These factors influence the cost of your tree trimming:

  • Location and accessibility. If your tree is extremely large or in a hard-to-reach area, the costs may slightly increase for the added labor and risk involved.
  • Tree height and size. Trimming and/or pruning tall trees usually involves more time, labor, equipment, and danger.
  • Number of trees that need trimming. The more trees that need pruning and trimming, the more labor and time a project will entail. 
  • Tree health. Certain tree diseases make trimming more complicated and dangerous. When a tree is damaged, unhealthy, or dead, trimming involves heightened risks – especially if climbing is necessary.
  • Pests. Pests such as emerald ash borers may reduce the vigor of your tree and may require further treatment to avoid a slow decline or death. Some pests burrow deep into tree trunks where they steal nutrients, cause invisible damage, and destroy roots.
  • Client specifications. We’re willing to work with you to build a customized tree-trimming plan for your yard, but any complex requests may drive up the price.
  • Equipment needs. Different tree-trimming jobs require different toolsets, from chainsaws to crane trucks and weight-distributing ground mats to protect your lawn.
  • Safety and risk. Particularly dangerous jobs require extra time, care, and protective equipment. We also have liability coverage to protect your property and our employees.
  • Time and crew required. The number of arborists and the amount of time spent on a tree-trimming assignment will impact costs. That said, you can rest assured that we provide upfront estimates and never tack on surprise surcharges or hidden fees.

Why You Should Skip DIY and Opt for Professional Tree Trim Services

Trimming a tree in your backyard may seem like an easy task. However, without proper experience and training, even a small job can prove dangerous, even fatal. Branches can fall in unpredictable ways and hurt you instantly. Chainsaws can make sudden erratic movements and yank back toward your body. Amateur trimming techniques can also negatively affect a tree’s health and future growth. By trying to save money, DIY endeavors often end up causing significant damage and more expense.

Finding Expert Tree Trimming Near Me

Maintaining the health of a tree with routine trimming and pruning can significantly prolong its lifespan and stability. Our tree care specialists do everything in their power to help trees and shrubs thrive.

When you’re ready for an expert to take over this vital task, give Monster Tree Service a call! Our licensed, professional arborists have the training and knowledge to skillfully prune and trim hundreds of species of trees and shrubs, including every tree and shrub in your yard or on your business property. Keep your landscaping at its best: trust the pros. To get started, call (888)744-0155 or request a free, no-obligation estimate online

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between trimming and pruning?

Trimming and pruning are often performed at separate times of the year and frequently require different tools. Understanding the proper equipment, methods, and seasons to trim and prune is essential for best results.

  1. Trimming is primarily concerned with enhancing the aesthetics of a tree and relieving the stress of overgrowth.
  2. Pruning primarily improves tree health, creates clearance in the landscape, and reduces risk of branch failure. It can also keep fruit plants and flowers healthy by removing diseased branches and promoting healthy growth.

When is the best time to trim trees and bushes?

The best time to prune and trim trees and shrubs depends on each unique plant. For many species, pruning and trimming are ideal during winter months when they are dormant and less vulnerable to insects or disease.

Can you trim trees in the summer?

Yes, some trees do best with summer pruning. Trimming trees in summer maximizes sunlight penetration and airflow in the canopy right when your tree needs it most. While some trees can benefit from pruning in summer, others do best in spring or winter. Consult your local arborist on your trees; they can recommend the best time of year to prune for the species you have.

How often should trees be trimmed?

The ideal frequency of trimming and pruning depends on the plant. It’s generally considered wise to trim mature trees at least once every 3-5 years and to trim young trees once every 2-3 years, but this will depend on the type of tree. 

Can trimming a tree kill it?

Yes, inexpert trimmers and pruners can kill a tree if they don’t know what they’re doing. Tree topping is a particularly harmful method of pruning that removes most or all branches. It stresses the tree and can lead to a slow death. Our trained arborists know the right amount of trimming for your trees.

Can I trim my neighbor’s tree if it’s on my property?

If the branches of your neighbor’s tree cross over onto your property, you may be legally allowed to trim the parts of the limbs that have trespassed. Be careful to only cut the sections on your property and avoid entering your neighbor's yard for a better angle. If the tree is harmed or killed, some states may find you liable for up to three times the tree’s original value.

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