Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

Monster Tree truckLarge trees that are in danger of falling either because they’re dead, decaying, or otherwise damaged pose a danger to your property or your safety. At Monster Tree Service, we’re experienced in carefully clearing large, hazardous, and difficult-to-access trees with the use of a crane. Our years of expertise let us remove large and hard-to-access trees from your property efficiently and without causing harm to your property or remaining trees. Trust the safety of your and your neighbors’ properties to our expert arborists.

When You Need a Crane for Tree Removal Services

We often opt for a crane-assisted removal when we anticipate:

  • Whole tree removal. If you need to take out the whole tree, it can be a big job. Crane-assisted removal is necessary for efficiently removing entire trees.
  • Difficult-to-access trees. Some tree locations are in yards that aren’t big enough to allow bucket truck access or situated in front of septic tanks that can’t be driven over with heavy equipment. Our crane can be parked at a distance but still allow us to remove the tree with its long-reach arm.
  • Large species tree removal. Whether it’s the whole tree or just large portions that need to go, our crane-assisted tree removal can handle even the bigger species, like oaks and pines. Using a crane is the quickest and most efficient way to remove large species since it allows us to haul away entire sections at a time instead of requiring smaller chunks. It also keeps heftier pieces of the trunk under greater control as they’re moved.

The Large Tree Removal Process

Large trees are best removed with large equipment that can handle entire limbs at a time. Smaller trees may be removed piecemeal but taking out an entire oak or maple by hand takes longer than many people want to spend on tree removal. Our assisted crane tree service is designed for efficiency, from start to finish:

  1. Quote and site assessment. We’ll come to your property to assess the tree you need removed and offer you a free, personalized quote for the service.
  2. Appointment scheduling. Pick a time that’s most convenient for your household. Remember, tree cutting can be very loud, so keep that in mind when you schedule.
  3. Securing the tree. Our professional arborist team will arrive with a tree removal crane to handle the job. They may use a bucket truck to reach the taller parts of the tree. Other jobs may require an arborist to climb the tree (while wearing the proper safety equipment) to secure the limbs or cut them.
  4. Tree cutting. Our team will cut the tree down in secure, easier-to-handle chunks. Each chunk is attached to the tree crane with rope or chain to keep it from falling, then cut with a chainsaw and safely lowered to the ground.
  5. Wood extraction. Once we’re finished cutting your tree, we’ll grind the wood and clear it from your property. Add our stump grinding service to get as much of the tree out of the way as possible.
  6. Landscaping advice. Our pros can offer advice on landscaping after large tree removal. We have the ideal professional plant health services for restoring life to your yard.

Difficult tree removal can be dangerous, which is why you should never do it yourself. Our professional teams are fully insured and equipped to handle large, unwieldy jobs.

Find Crane-assisted Tree Removal Near Me

Have dead, dangerous, or damaged trees and tree limbs taken from your yard by a team of professionals. Each independently owned Monster Tree Service location has years of experience with technical rigging and safely tackling even the largest trees in the most awkward spaces. Call us at (888) 744-0155 or request a free quote online to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you plant a tree where one was removed?

You shouldn’t. We recommend planting a new tree at least three feet away from the removed tree trunk. Allowing space between the old and new planting will leave room for healthy root growth.

Can I remove a tree on my property?

Yes. Unless your tree is a protected species in your state, you can remove any tree on your property. Our arborists will be able to tell whether a species is protected. Even protected species can be removed if they’re dead, fallen, or hazardous.

Related Services

More than tree removal, trust the health of your trees to our local arborists.

  • Regular trimming and corrective pruning keeps plants healthier through routine maintenance.
  • Dead limbs may pose a hazard during high winds and rain. Opt for professional deadwooding to prevent potential storm damage.
  • Before you get to planting a new tree or shrub, choose professional soil analysis. The results and recommendations can help you understand how to amend the soil in your yard for healthier plants.

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