The Trifecta: 3 Benefits Trees Have on our Environment

Happy Earth Day! As tree care service providers, today's holiday holds some special significance to us. One of the things we love most about working with trees is that we're able to care for one of nature's most vital resources that play a significant role in our planet's ecosystem.

In honor of today's holiday, we're providing you with some insight on the three main ways that trees benefit our planet!


  • Trees act as natural filters that absorb harmful pollutants and gasses in the air through their leaves and bark
  • They also produce the oxygen we need to live. Just one tree produces an average of around 260 lbs. of oxygen throughout the course of a year.


  • Similar to the way trees filer the air, they also operate as a natural filtration device for water that reduces runoff by intercepting the rainfall before it reaches the soil. As the rain falls, it first goes through the tree's canopy and then down the bark of the tree trunk, allowing the tree to filter out pollutants before it reaches the earth.
  • They aid in water conservation efforts. As the rain works its way down the tree, it absorbs and retains it like a sponge. The tree then naturally excretes water vapors, elevating moisture levels in the atmosphere.


  • Trees help to elevate levels of organic materials, nutrient consumption, and nitrogen fixation, feed the soil by attracting and develop microorganisms in the soil
  • They also help with the retention of these organic substances and vital nutrients in the soil via their natural process of composting the foliage they shed and preventing soil erosion.

The positive impact of trees on our environment is the driving factor behind why we offer a comprehensive service that provides general tree care and plant healthcare services, allowing us to further support the health and longevity of the plant life on our customer's property. Because we believe that with each tree we service, we are helping to make the world a better place for generations to come.