Trees Support Wildlife

Trees – Wildlife’s Natural Support System

We know trees add beauty to our gardens and provide shady spots to relax outdoors. But how do trees help the environment, and why are trees so important to the ecosystem? Besides offering natural beauty, trees improve air quality, regulate temperature, and provide wildlife habitats. Trees truly are wildlife’s natural support system. Without them, we wouldn't be able to survive. At Monster Tree Service, our team of tree care experts knows the value and importance of trees. So, we’re sharing some of the most important functions of trees and what they do to help the environment.


Why are Trees So Important to Our Ecosystem?

Trees are not just aesthetically pleasing features of our lawns and gardens. They’re part of an interconnected ecosystem. Trees serve many vital functions for the well-being of humans, animals, and other plants. Without trees, we wouldn’t even have enough oxygen to breathe! Trees also help regulate the Earth’s temperature and reduce greenhouse gases. They even serve as habitats for birds and other animals while providing humans with the materials we need to build our own homes. Of course, we can also experience the joy of climbing a tree or relaxing under its shade. We cannot survive without trees, so it is crucial to take care of them.


How Do Trees Help the Environment?

Here are some of the most important functions of trees and how they help the environment.

Oxygen Production

Trees do many things to help the environment, but one of the most important functions of trees is oxygen production. Trees take in carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and produce the oxygen humans and animals need to survive. In addition to providing clean, fresh air, trees also work to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Too much carbon dioxide can be toxic to humans and causes global temperatures to rise. Planting more trees can help control carbon dioxide levels and combat rising temperatures.

Clean Air and Water

In addition to converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, trees also work to remove pollutants from the air, including nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter. Nitrogen dioxide comes from burning fossil fuels, like car exhaust. Particulate matter is dust-like pollutants produced by factories and construction sites. Trees can filter these pollutants, scrubbing the air and making it easier and healthier to breathe. Additionally, tree root systems work to control runoff and soil erosion, protecting our waterways and keeping them clean and filtered.

Climate Control

We know trees provide shady spots to cool off on hot summer days, but they also lower temperatures through transpiration cooling. In transpiration, trees release water into the atmosphere from their leaves and cool the air as it evaporates. Adding trees to hot environments can help control temperature levels and reduce cooling costs.

Wildlife Habitats

Trees provide habitats for birds, squirrels, and other woodland animals. In some cases, animals like beavers even cut down trees to build their own structures! In addition to supplying shelter, trees create a safe environment for species to reproduce and stay protected from predators. Humans also rely on trees for building materials like timber to construct their own homes. Without trees, millions of people, animals, and other plant species would struggle to find a place to live.


Monster Tree Service is Here to Protect Trees for Wildlife and Homeowners Alike

No one appreciates all that trees do for our ecosystem like our team of tree care experts at Monster Tree Service. After all, trees are our specialty! We’re dedicated to protecting our trees and playing a supporting role in all they do for our environment. We offer many different tree care services to keep trees happy and healthy, including tree inspection, pruning & trimming, cabling & bracing, and plant health care. Trees are vital to the survival of animals, plants, and humans, so it is important to prioritize taking care of your trees. Contact your local Monster Tree Service today for all your tree care needs and give back to the trees that do so much for us!