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Winter Pruning: Healthy for Trees and Your Pocketbook

There are great benefits to pruning your trees during the dormant or winter season.

Less Stress

Pruning trees during this time will cause less stress on the tree, making way for heartier growth in the spring. Since pruning in the winter or dormant season causes less stress on the tree, the tree is less susceptible to insects and diseases. Oak trees, especially in the central part of the United States, are very susceptible to Oak Wilt, a very serious disease. Most states in the central United States have time restrictions on when Oak trees can be pruned, making the dormant season the best time to prune them.

Less Expensive

Dormant season pruning SAVES YOU MONEY! In the dormant season, many trees can be accessed with time-saving equipment due to the frozen ground, trees can be pruned faster because the crown of the tree is more visible and accessible, and limbs are easier to handle. Cleanup is also much faster with leaves already fallen. All this adds up to time saved on the job and significant savings for you.

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