Proper Tree Care Adds Value to Your Home

A home with beautiful trees adds value to your property. Caring for those trees increases your home’s value and provides a beautiful and healthful environment for you and your family. The value of tree care to home owners cannot be overstated.

Regular tree maintenance not only provides for healthier trees, it prevents the mishaps that come with unmaintained trees; such as falling limbs and roof damage due to encroaching or overhanging limbs. Hiring professional arborists to care for your trees will help you maintain the value of your property, the well-being of your trees, and provide you with a beautiful yard.

Here are some reasons why proper tree care by our professional arborists is valuable for you and your home:

Healthy Trees

Professional arborists know exactly what to look for when caring for trees. The need for pruning, fertilization, supplemental support, and insect and disease management can be identified before the tree becomes dangerous or ill. Knowing when a tree needs to be tended to is difficult for homeowners and property owners because problems may not be readily apparent to the untrained eye. These services are best attended to by a professional arborist, trained to identify problems in trees and treat them.


Trees cared for on a regular basis are healthy and enhance the beauty of your home. They have great curb appeal, and create an inviting view for you, your guests and your neighbors. Unhealthy or poorly maintained trees significantly impact the aesthetics and value of your home. Trees pruned by those who are not trained in proper pruning techniques will often become unhealthy or sparse. Such trees can also become more dangerous when the proper tree structure and biology is not taken into consideration. A professional arborist knows how to properly determine how your trees should be pruned to enhance their beauty and safety.


Trees that have not been properly cared for create a risk of falling limbs and toppling trees. This can put you, your family, your guests and people walking in the area at risk of serious injury. It also places your home, vehicles, outbuildings, and structures at risk of significant damage. Such damage becomes even more likely when storms and high winds are present. With so much at stake, it is important to have a professional arborist on call who knows how to care for your trees to minimize risks and add peace of mind.

At Monster Tree Service, we believe in the value of proper tree pruning and maintenance to help you maintain healthy, beautiful and safe trees. Call anytime so our professional arborists can help you develop a plan to protect the value of your home.

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