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What's a Root Crown and Why Is It Important?

The root crown of a tree is the area where the below-ground parts of a tree meet the above-ground parts of the tree. Its placement is important and it should be at the ground level. If the placement is not correct, it can harm the long-term growth and the life of the tree. Unfortunately, the placement is not always correct and during the nursery production, it may be over-potted and the root crown may be placed below the potting mix.

Some problems incorrect placement of the root crown can cause include:

Collar Rot

Collar rot is one of the most dangerous problem for trees. It can occur if the root crown is buried too deep. Collar rot is a fungal disease. Over time, the fungus will girdle the trunk, which prevents important nutrients and water from moving into the tree's vascular system and can cause death of the tree if not treated.

Girdling Roots

If the root crown is buried deeper than it should be, it can cause the tree to develop girlding roots.  Girdling roots are roots at or slightly below the soil line. These roots can wrap around the tree trunk "girdling" it. Girdling roots can cut into at least one side of the main trunk and restrict water and nutrients between the roots and the branches of the tree. Trees with girdling roots are more likely to have problems than a tree without them.

Fibrous Roots

Aside from girdled roots, fibrous roots can also form above the root crown and original rootball. This makes it difficult for water to get into the rootball causing a setback in tree growth or even a potential death because of moisture stress.

It is important to make sure the root crown is correctly planted to ensure the health and longevity of your tree.  At Monster Tree Service, we can provide you with a tree inspection to insure that your tree is healthy.  If your tree experiences stress from improper plant, Monster Tree Service can also take corrective measures to restore your trees to their healthful state.  Our skilled, professional certified arborists know the best ways to help you and your trees. 

If you need help with a root crown, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your tree and plant health care needs.

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