How to Prep Your Trees & Shrubs for Entertaining

Sunny days and cool nights are something to celebrate! So take advantage of the great weather outside by hosting your party al fresco. When planning your next get-together, don’t forget to prepare your yard for the impact a party can have. (After all, you don’t want your trees and shrubs damaged in a rager!) Whether you are planning a block party, backyard bbq, or bonfire, the plant health experts at Monster Tree Service are here to teach you how to prep your trees and shrubs for entertaining. Learn how to create a party-ready backyard by ensuring your plants are protected and sprucing up the atmosphere with some all-natural decor.


Here’s How to Create a Party-Ready Backyard

Prep Your Trees and Shrubs for Entertaining

The first step to outdoor party planning is to prepare your yard for entertaining. Just as you would tidy your home for an indoor party, you need to clean up your outdoor space to create a party-ready backyard that is safe and welcoming. Our checklist ensures your trees, shrubs, and lawn are ready for entertaining.

  • Wash your patio and clean up any outdoor furniture to make guests feel comfortable.

  • Mow and fertilize your lawn to keep it looking fresh and healthy.

  • Add fresh mulch and plantings to your flower beds to make them look their best.

  • Eliminate safety hazards in the yard, including debris, tools, or downed branches.

  • Remove low-hanging or broken tree branches that could injure guests.

  • Cover exposed tree or shrub roots with dirt or mulch to prevent trips and falls.

  • Consider hiring a licensed and certified arborist for tree trimming and pruning services so you can work on other party planning items.

  • Remove dead or leaning trees to make your yard look tidier and ensure the safety of others.

Protect Trees, Shrubs, and Other Plants

While outdoor parties are fun, poorly planned events may damage your trees, shrubs, and other plants. For example, guests could innocently walk through your flower bed in the dark, trampling your freshly planted flowers. Likewise, a guest leaning on a newly planted tree could send it toppling over. Protect your trees, shrubs, and other plants during your outdoor party by following these tips.

  • Mark off zones of your yard you don’t want guests to enter, including flower beds, areas with freshly laid sod, or a corner with a newly planted tree.

  • Use lawn stakes and ribbon or critter fences to signal that certain areas are off-limits.

  • Light pathways with solar garden lights to direct guests through your yard at night and prevent them from accidentally stepping on plants.

  • Reinforce saplings by staking them before the party.

  • Ensure your plants are healthy and established enough to handle the impact of a party, and contact a plant health care specialist for advice on nutrient programs and staking.

  • Keep lawn furniture on the patio to avoid damage to sod.

  • Acidic, sugary, and alcoholic beverages spilled on plants can cause stress. Consider using cans and bottles for your party that are less likely to spill.

  • Place gathering areas throughout your yard to prevent crowding in one section, which can damage grass and create bald spots.

  • Ensure fire pits are kept far away from plants and structures to prevent fires and smoke damage.


Tidy Up (Before and After!)

Tidying up the backyard before, after, and even during your outdoor party is necessary to keep your guests and plants happy. Here are some considerations to keep in mind to keep mess and even pests at bay during your event.

  • Use bug repellent or citronella candles to deter mosquitos.

  • Cover food to prevent flies from chowing down before your guests.

  • Create designated food prep and dining areas to contain the mess and make for easy cleanup.

  • Provide trash and recycling bins throughout your yard for guests to dispose of waste.

  • Survey your backyard every hour or two to remove litter from plant beds.

  • Remove any decorations from plants as soon as the party is over to prevent any added stress.


Decorate With What You’ve Got

Choosing a theme and decorating for the event is half the fun of creating a party-ready backyard. While there are thousands of decor items to choose from, don’t underestimate the natural beauty of your flower beds, shrubs, and trees! Here are some of our outdoor party decor tips that will help highlight what you’ve already got.

  • Highlight your existing trees and flower beds with landscape lighting, fresh mulch, and pruning.

  • Add potted plants to your patio for a splash of color and show off your green thumb.

  • Hang string lights, waterfall lights, or lanterns from tree branches to create a cozy nighttime ambiance and highlight the natural beauty of your yard.

  • (Don’t forget to inspect your trees to make sure they can handle the weight of anything you hang!)

  • Stake tiki torches around your patio for a fun luau vibe (and to keep bugs away).

  • Use flowers from your garden, evergreen clippings, or branches to make natural decor for your tablescape — just be cautious of what you use and how you prune the branch you’re using for decoration..

  • Opt for eco-friendly party decor and avoid items like plastic streamers, confetti, and balloons that can litter nearby areas and create stress for plants.


We Want to Join the Party!

Planning a social event and creating a party-ready backyard takes a lot of work! Luckily, Monster Tree Service is here to help you get your yard ready for entertaining guests, whether you’re having a small get-together or a big celebration. Let our expertly trained arborists take care of your tree trimming and plant health, so you can focus on being the host with the most. Contact your local monster tree service today for a free estimate on prepping your trees and shrubs for entertaining!