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How to Support Your Trees This Spring

Spring has sprung, and 2021 is already full of incredible surprises. In many areas of the country, we have witnessed many trees and flowers bloom simultaneously, and it has been a gorgeous display. However, this also means it's time to start becoming more observant of your trees, shrubs, and plants.

Plant Health Care is all about the care of your outdoor investment, and Monster values those investments. We understand that a tree's value extends far beyond beauty and can help increase your property value, decrease energy costs, and benefit your well-being.

Trees planted around our homes require TLC, and while this is not always obvious, a stressed tree can become a significant issue down the road that could require removal if it goes overlooked. If problematic trees are addressed in a timely fashion, we can often help resolve these issues before it's too late.

Many issues a tree may have are not always apparent for many years. A professional arborist can spot problems and present solutions so you can enjoy your trees for generations!

Trees require a proper "diet" very similar to us. If we do not eat balanced meals that provide macro and micro-nutrients, we become deficient, and your trees are the same. Trees also require sufficient hydration, just like us! These are stressors that can invite further issues very much like us.

Monster similarly approaches Plant Health Care to how doctors approach healthcare for humans. While our expert arborists and plant healthcare specialists can address insect and disease issues, our primary goal is to find the root cause of the issue to help resolve the problem accurately and get your plant back to peak health.

Here are some ways you can check your trees in Spring:

Make sure you're mulching properly:

Many of us enjoy the mulched look, but if done improperly, too much mulch can create stressors on your trees and shrubs, causing their health to decline. Remember only to apply 2-3" of mulch and do not place it directly upon the tree trunk. A tree's root flare is a vital part of the tree and needs to function correctly for a healthy tree.

Monitor your foliage:

If you see dead or dying branches without leaves, a professional arborist can help identify the issue and propose pruning to encourage overall tree health. Calling a professional Monster arborist is always your best bet! Our team is always ready to help you discover and meet your trees and shrubs' specific needs by providing a free assessment and estimate.

Treasure your trees, and they will return tremendous benefits in return!