10 Reasons to be Thankful for Trees

10 Reasons to be Thankful for Trees

When the fall season rolls around, we often reflect on what we’re thankful for as we gather around the table to enjoy a pumpkin pie with family and friends. While the changing colors of leaves serve as a beautiful backdrop, we often overlook the many reasons to be thankful for trees. Ever wondered what exactly trees do for us? Trees do everything! The benefits of trees range from purifying the air to creating habitats to adding beauty to our lawns. The Monster Tree Service team loves trees, so we’re sharing our 10 reasons to be thankful for trees this season.


What Do Trees Do For Us?

We tend to take trees for granted because we see them every day, dotting the sidewalks of big cities, shading suburban lawns, and gracing the countryside. However, trees aren’t just a beautiful accent to the landscape. They serve vital functions to keep the planet and our lives healthy. Here are 10 reasons to never take trees for granted again.


Ten Reasons to Be Grateful for Trees

1. Trees Produce Oxygen for Us to Breathe

Trees are a breath of fresh air — literally! Trees convert carbon dioxide into the oxygen we need to breathe easily. Without the millions of trees photosynthesizing, we wouldn’t be able to survive on Planet Earth.

2. Trees Clean the Air

In addition to producing the oxygen we need, trees absorb pollutants — acting as nature’s air purifier. Trees clean the air by absorbing greenhouse gasses and trapping dust and dirt particles in their leaves.

3. Trees Save the Soil

Trees help reduce the effects of erosion thanks to their complex root systems. Networks of underground roots work to drink up water and keep soil formations intact. This is good for your yard and the waterways.

4. Trees Filter Water

While tree leaves are busy filtering the air, tree roots work as natural sponges that soak up rainfall, filter it, and release clean water back into waterways. This process is called infiltration, and people often overlook its necessity because it happens below the surface.

5. Trees Keep Things Cool

Your favorite tree provides cooling shade on a hot summer day, but it’s also working to cool down the planet and slow the effects of global warming. Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere depletes the ozone layer which can cause things to heat up. Trees work to absorb carbon dioxide and replace it with cool, fresh oxygen.

6. Trees Foster Community

While trees don’t say much, they actually play a big role in fostering community. Trees provide shady spots to rest outdoors and encourage people to get outside and enjoy nature. Public places like parks also encourage neighborhood social events, building a connected community.

7. Trees Keep The Volume Down

Trees know the value of peace and quiet, so they work hard to control noise levels — especially in urban areas. Because of their foliage, trees can absorb high-frequency noise and provide a sound barrier around roads, airports, and factories. Since evergreens keep their leaves year-round, they are some of the best noise reducers out there.

8. Trees Support Wildlife

Trees support wildlife by providing homes for birds, insects, and small mammals like squirrels. We must protect our trees to ensure these species have a place to call home, especially in developing urban areas where habitats are being depleted.

9. Trees Increase Property Value

Who doesn't love a big shady tree in front of their home? Healthy mature trees have been shown to impact property values. Hardy, disease-resistant trees can significantly increase the value of your property due to their aesthetic and environmental value.

10. Trees Keep Things Zen

While trees provide physical benefits to our planet, they also improve our mental and emotional health. According to many studies, spending time around trees can reduce stress and improve our mood. Thanks to trees, the world is a little calmer and happier!


Show Your Trees You’re Thankful for Them

Trees do so much for us. So, we should return the favor by caring for the trees in our yards. The expert team of arborists at your local Monster Tree Service has you covered for all your tree care needs, including trimming and pruning, plant health care, and emergency services. Show your trees how much you appreciate them, and contact your local Monster Tree Service today.