The Best Trees and Shrubs for Privacy

How to Choose Trees and Shrubs for Privacy

Having a little extra privacy in your yard can do wonders for your peace of mind (not to mention your property value.) The right trees and shrubs can help create a secluded environment that you can enjoy year-round. But, choosing the right plants to provide privacy isn’t always easy. From foliage thickness to how fast plants grow, there are many factors to consider.

Foliage Thickness and Color

When selecting trees and shrubs for privacy, one of the most important factors is their foliage thickness. If the foliage is too thin, it won’t provide much privacy, regardless of how tall the tree or shrub grows. Additionally, keep in mind that leaves change color with the seasons; evergreen plants offer more consistent coverage throughout the year.

You should also pay attention to leaf size and shape; some plants have broad leaves while others have needles. This is especially important if you live in an area with extreme temperatures since narrow leaves tend to handle cold weather better than broad ones.

Regional Variants

Where you are located is another important thing to keep in mind when selecting the right plants for your yard. For example, trees that thrive in Arizona may not fare well in Pennsylvania due to different climates and soil conditions. It's best to talk with a local professional who can recommend species that perfectly fit into your region’s climate zone and soil type.

Growth Rate and Ease of Care

Another thing to consider when picking out trees and shrubs for privacy is growth rate. Some species grow very quickly while others take years before they reach their full height. You will want to choose something that fits your ideal timeline.

Ease of care is also important to think about. Some species require more pruning and maintenance than others, which could add up over time if you are hoping for low-maintenance options. Make sure to research each plant thoroughly before making a selection to ensure it will fit into your lifestyle without becoming a burden down the line.

Best Options for Privacy Trees and Shrubs

Evergreen trees are an excellent choice for creating privacy screens in the yard since they'll provide consistent year-round foliage. Thick evergreens like boxwoods or bamboo can also provide a nice visual barrier as well. When selecting evergreen trees and shrubs, it's important to keep regional variants in mind-- while evergreens typically make great choices for privacy, what works best in one region may not be suitable in another. With the right information in hand, you'll be ready to pick the evergreen variety that best suits your goal of increasing privacy in your yard!

Care and Maintenance of Privacy Trees

Choosing trees and shrubs for privacy doesn't have to be complicated—it just requires research and consideration of factors like foliage thickness, growth rate, ease of care, leaf size/shape, etc., depending on where you live (consider regional differences). With the right knowledge and strategy, finding plants that provide plenty of seclusion can be surprisingly easy! And don’t forget, once these are planted regular maintenance is important! Monster Tree Service can help with your tree and shrub maintenance needs. Call us at (888) 744-0155: or contact your local Monster Tree Service to schedule a time with a professional arborist.