Meet Our Team

  • a pic of Luciano "Lou" Rossi

    Luciano "Lou" Rossi

    Sales Arborist

    Certification #PD-2504A

    Meet our Sales Arborist! Lou has been in the industry for over 10 years. He is trained in all aspects of the industry. Worked his way up from climbing to running crews and finally into sharing his knowledge of tree care with our clients. Lou is passionate about arboriculture and has been an ISA certified arborist since 2016. Loves going to the Broncos and Nuggets games, rock climbing, fishing and traveling.

  • a picture of Alonso Calderon

    Alonso Calderon

    Crew Leader

    Alonso has been in the industry for 17 years. He is specialized in big removals, crane assisted removals and emergency services. One of the best in Colorado and one of the most productive crew member in the Monster organization. After work he is a dedicated father and loves taking his horse racing. We are happy to have Alonso as part of our team!

  • a picture of Raul Ruelas

    Raul Ruelas

    Crew Leader

    Raul has been in the business for a long time! Over 20 years of experience in climbing trees. Specialized in pruning, crane removals and bucket operating. His wife and daughter keep him busy after work and he loves going to visit his parents in Mexico.

  • a picture of Rocky Roberson

    Rocky Roberson

    Crew Leader

    Rocky is originally from Wyoming but loves Colorado. He is an experienced climber with many different types of equipment operating skills. Rocky is our more senior employee in our production team and we hope he stays with us for a very long time. Rocky’s daughter is everything to him. He makes several trips, as often as possible, to Wyoming to visit.

  • a picture of Mario Salvador

    Mario Salvador

    Groundsman/Tree Climber

    Mario has been in the industry for six years. Started with Monster a year ago and he has been getting more experience in climbing. Excellent driver and always ready to help the rest of the team in everything needed.

  • Jose

    Jose Calderon

    Groundsman/Tree Climber

    "El Gordo" is the most experienced member of our team. He is always the first arriving in the morning and always willing to help. He loves driving one of our Bucket Trucks because it is standard transmission, Jose is probably the only one driving that truck!
  • Felipe

    Felipe Calderon

    Groundsman/Tree Climber

    We call him "Cañas" We are really pleased to have Felipe on our team after working for more than 15 years in another tree company in town. He does all the maintenance of our vehicles, machines and works in our crew as a Grounds Person, Equipment and Bucket operator.
  • Refugio

    Refugio Vargas


    His friends call him "Coco". Climber and Bucket Operator with more than 10 years of experience. We are hoping to be able to give Refugio his own team to lead really soon.
  • Cristobal

    Cristobal Calderon

    Groundsman/Tree Climber

    We call him "El Cuate". Experienced Grounds Person and equipment operator. Cristobal is always smiling and loves taking care of the customer’s needs. His good attitude is contagious to the rest of the team!