How to Get Rid of Suckers on Trees in Nashville, TN?

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If your trees start to sprout strange branches from the base of the trunk, you're dealing with what's known as a tree sucker. These abnormal branches can compromise your tree's health, so it's crucial to control them. Monster Tree Service of Music City, the top-rated tree service in Nashville, TN, explains how to get rid of suckers on trees in this helpful guide. 

Understanding Tree Suckers

Keep an eye on your trees and watch for any bushy stems that start to grow from the trunk. These branches are known as tree suckers because they absorb most of the water and nutrients from the tree's roots. Managing tree sucker growth boils down to your maintenance methods since branches tend to sprout when the tree's under stress. 

If you spot a tree sucker, take it as a sign that your tree may have an injury due to improper pruning. They can also be a symptom of tree diseases and aging.  

Tree Sucker Removal Methods

Eliminating tree suckers is no different than pruning a tree. Discover how to get rid of suckers on trees with precision using the following tips. 

Use the Right Equipment

Pruning shears can cut the sucker at the base and prevent it from regrowing. Variations of this tool include loppers, which feature longer handles, and pole pruners for reaching higher parts of the tree. 

Prune the Suckers Early

Arborists recommend pruning tree suckers as soon as you notice them. Cutting them early minimizes damage to the tree and allows the roots to absorb adequate water and nutrients. Pruning both tree suckers and overgrown branches remains an essential part of tree health maintenance

Consult Professionals

Reach out to a local tree service company if you have unwanted suckers stemming from your trees. Specialists know how to execute tree sucker eradication techniques perfectly and protect your vegetation from further harm. 

Tips for Preventing Tree Sucker Formation

When you have a tree service company remove unwanted branches from your tree, ask for tips about controlling tree sucker development. Keeping your trees healthy remains the best form of prevention and may require additional services.

Pruning the tree promotes healthy growth, but be mindful of how often you cut branches since over-pruning can lead to suckers. Let a professional tree care company prune your tree since experts know the proper way to cut branches without putting the tree under stress. They can create a schedule for pruning that keeps the tree healthy without causing unwanted plant suckers. 

Consult with Tree Care Specialists in Nashville, TN

The experts at Monster Tree Service of Music City know how to get rid of suckers on trees so your vegetation can thrive. We specialize in tree health, tree removal, and maintenance measures like trimming and pruning. If you need a reliable tree service in Nashville, we're the team to call. 

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