What Causes Large Holes in Tree Trunks in Nashville, TN?

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Do you have trees on your property with noticeable holes in the trunk? These cavities indicate some sort of damage to your tree that may need the help of a trusted tree service in Nashville, TN. What causes large holes in tree trunks?

Discover the common factors behind tree trunk holes in this guide from the specialists at Monster Tree Service of Music City. 

The Dangers of Tree Trunk Cavities

Before we dive into common tree trunk decay origins, it's important to understand the risks of having a hole at the base of your tree. A large cavity impacts the tree's structural integrity and increases the chance of it falling on your property. If you fail to remove the tree or address the problem early, you risk significant property damage should the tree fall onto a roof. 

What Causes Large Holes in Tree Trunks?

A big part of understanding tree trunk cavities boils down to the various causes of these holes. You can experience cracks in your tree trunks for the following reasons:

Pest Infestations

Insects and pests often feast on bark at the base of a tree and tend to burrow themselves into the structure. If you face a pest infestation, you must take immediate action. The hole will likely get bigger as pests compromise the health of your tree. 

Improper Pruning

One of the biggest reasons for large holes in tree trunks is pruning. While cutting overgrown or dead branches can help the tree grow, improper techniques wound the tree. The trunk can take the brunt of the injury and start to rot. 

Environmental Factors

Ask an arborist what causes large holes in tree trunks, and they'll tell you that some environmental factors are to blame. If lightning strikes a tree, it can split and create a noticeable hole at the base. Woodland creatures like woodpeckers and squirrels can also deteriorate the trunk. 

How to Prevent Tree Trunk Cavities

You can't stop lightning from splitting a tree, but thankfully, the other causes of tree trunk holes are fairly easy to prevent. Experts recommend inspecting your tree regularly for any signs of rotting or insects. Notify a tree service company if you detect an infestation so they can eradicate the pests. 

Always let an expert prune your tree. Professionals know where to cut each branch to promote healthy growth rather than wounding the tree. In addition, you can apply traps or deterrents around your trees and garden to keep unwanted critters out.

Need Help Addressing Tree Trunk Hole Issues? Contact Monster Tree Service of Music City

Now that you know what causes large holes in tree trunks, you can take steps to preserve your tree. Maintenance measures like fertilization can prevent tree rot but in some cases, the damage is too severe and you'll need a tree removal service. Count on Monster Tree Service of Music City to tackle any problems with your trees, including common tree trunk cavity causes. 

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