How To Cut down a Tree Near a House: Tips for Nashville, TN, Homeowners

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Homeowners are understandably concerned when mature trees threaten their houses and other buildings on their property. 

Monster Tree Service of Music City, the most reputable tree service company in Nashville, TN, invites readers to learn more about the process involved in how to cut down a tree near a house safely and properly.

Cutting Down Trees Safely

Tree removal is inherently dangerous, and felling trees near buildings or confined spaces adds extra difficulty. Here are some of the things tree professionals do in every case. 

Determine the Felling Zone

The area where the tree should fall must be clear of anything that could be damaged. The height and structure of the tree are also vitally important. To safely land a tree in a desired area, it is often necessary to remove multiple limbs. 

In tight spots, trees must frequently be taken down in separate parts.

Determine What Equipment Is Needed

For simple jobs, chainsaws, axes, and wedges may be sufficient. Cranes or bucket trucks are often the only safe and viable options in areas close to buildings or power lines. 

Professionals also use mechanical equipment, cables, and levers to control the direction and placement of falling trees.

Cutting the Tree 

Tree professionals generally make multiple cuts on one side of a trunk and a single cut on the opposite side. The cutting design creates a hinge at a central area in the tree that will control how that part of the tree goes down. 

Of course, this process depends on unique factors presented by the individual characteristics of every tree.

Legal Considerations

Some local ordinances require permits before taking down trees and can sometimes require replacement with a young tree. HOAs often have strict regulations about removing trees and replanting removed trees with new ones.  

Strongly Consider Hiring a Professional

The bottom line is if you plan to cut down a tree near your house yourself, be certain you have the right tools and safety equipment to do the job. Safety must be of the utmost concern. Work with a lookout and be sure everyone has a clear escape path away from the felling zone. 

Under normal circumstances, it is almost always advisable to leave dangerous work to professionals, especially when trees are near buildings, power lines, or other trees. 

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