How To Tell If Your Tree Is Rotten Inside

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Did you know that even healthy-looking trees could be rotting on the inside? Tree decay can cause severe damage to multiple species of trees, and while it could take a few years or even decades to do so, it's crucial to identify the problem as soon as you can. 

You have several different options if you're trying to figure out how to tell if a tree is rotten inside. As the go-to provider for efficient tree-cutting services in Charlotte, NC, Monster Tree Service of South Charlotte can teach you everything you need to know about identifying tree diseases, like rot, and what to do about it.

Signs To Keep an Eye Out for That Indicate a Rotten Tree

Your tree may tell you when it's dealing with a rotting problem. While not all trees respond the same way, the following are common signs of a tree with a rotten inside.

Growths That Look Like Mushrooms

Look around the bottom of your tree's trunk. Do you see small growths that look like mushrooms? If so, it's time to call a professional arborist to prevent the disease from spreading to other healthy trees.

A Significant Lean in the Tree

Weaker trees tend to lean to one side. If your tree has significant lean due to rot, you need to get ready to remove it as soon as possible since it could topple over at any moment.

Dead Branches Lying Around the Tree

Healthy branches are flexible and help shape the tree's crown. So, if you notice a lot of dead tree branches or twigs lying around your tree, it could indicate a serious problem. Although dead branches could point to different kinds of tree health-related issues, it's wise to call a professional so you can rule out tree rot.

How To Test a Tree for Rot

If you suspect a health problem with your tree, you can use the following tests to confirm whether it is rotting. Identifying it early enough could help you save the tree, but rot often leads to tree death.

Here's how to tell if a tree is rotten inside.

Use the Drill Test

Drill into the tree using an increment borer to get a sample of the tree's core. If it's soft or crumbly, it means your tree has rotten inside.

Use the Rocking Test

If you can rock your tree by pushing it from side to side, it will have a weakened structure, likely due to rot.

Use the Poke Test

Tree trunks should be robust, so if you can poke into a tree using a screwdriver without any resistance, there's likely a rot problem.

When in Doubt, Leave It to the Professionals

Both young and old trees can be susceptible to rot. Although you could potentially save your tree if you catch it early enough, severe rot often necessitates tree removal. 

Whether you want to learn more about how to tell if a tree is rotten inside or know you need to remove it, call Monster Tree Service of South Charlotte at (704) 741-4432 for a free estimate.