When Should Trees Be Trimmed?

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What does regular pruning do for your trees? Among other benefits, it removes dead and diseased branches, shapes the tree, and stimulates healthy new growth. But when should trees be trimmed for optimal results?

Since tree pruning and trimming play a crucial role in maintaining healthy trees, there’s a lot of value in getting it right. Here, the seasoned tree care professionals at Monster Tree Service of Greater Austin discuss the ideal time to trim or prune your trees.

When To Prune Trees  

Most trees do well with a late winter to early spring trimming. Trees go into dormancy in the cold weather, so finishing the task before the weather warms up makes it easier to visualize the tree branch structure you want to achieve. Dormant season pruning also allows the tree to push all its available energy into healthy growth. 

Specific timing will depend on the geographical location. It will also change with the type of tree as follows:

Deciduous Tree Pruning  

Prune deciduous trees (shed their leaves each year) from late fall to winter when you can easily see the branches.   

Young Tree Pruning  

Young tree care necessitates waiting at least a year before the tree’s first pruning. Remove broken or damaged branches as they happen. Then, prune the lower branches as the tree grows.

Newly Planted Tree Pruning  

When should trees be trimmed after being newly planted? Regardless of their age, newly planted or relocated trees need specialized care and patience. Don’t prune for at least a year; the root system needs ample time to strengthen.

Also, newly planted trees need no more than corrective pruning. Only remove dead, broken, crossing, and competing lead branches.

Flowering Tree Pruning  

The ideal time to prune a flowering tree will depend on when it usually blooms. Prune spring-flowering trees immediately after they flower. Prune summer- or fall-blooming trees in late winter or early spring before their dormant period ends.  

A Word on Subtropical Tree Trimming  

Since subtropical trees enjoy plenty of sun and water throughout the year, you can typically trim them anytime. Still, you should never remove more than 30% of the tree’s live tissue in any season.

Bottom Line  

Ultimately, you can prune dead or dying branches at any time. However, the type of tree might have specific pruning rules, so it’s best to have some in-depth knowledge about the trees growing in your yard. It’s also helpful to seek professional advice from a certified arborist or horticulturist if you want great tree care information in your local area.

Trust Local Tree Experts for Help With Trimming and More

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