Will Damaged Tree Roots Grow Back in Greater Austin, TX?

Tree Roots

A tree's health and strength come from its root system, which supplies the plant with oxygen, water, and nutrients. However, will damaged tree roots grow back if they sustain an injury? What happens to the tree?

Monster Tree Service of Greater Austin is a top city of Austin tree removal company. Repairing tree root injuries is one of our many specialties. Consult the guide below for more details about the possible restoration of injured tree roots.

How Tree Roots Sustain Damage

Tree root systems can have injuries for several reasons. The most common problem is construction damage. When landscapers, construction companies, and others dig into the soil using heavy equipment, they risk hitting, cutting, or severing tree roots, even if they're not close to the above-ground portion of the plant. 

Pests and disease are other ways roots sustain damage, leading to stunted growth, discolored leaves, and wilted foliage. Heavy foot traffic around roots can compact the soil which prevents the tree roots from getting enough water and oxygen. 

No matter the reason for the tree root injury, the tree's health will decline if the roots don't heal.

Signs of Damaged Root Systems

Though tree root damage can produce symptoms that aren't easily recognizable to the average property owner, these warning signs may indicate root injuries:

  • Fungi growth

  • Stunted tree growth

  • Unusual leaf growth or discoloration in the canopy

  • Dead or dying branches

  • Branch dieback

How to Help with Tree Root Regeneration After Damage

Will damaged tree roots grow back? The regrowth of tree roots after injury depends on the plant's general health and the extent of its root injuries. Trees can compartmentalize or isolate minor damage to heal and recover without affecting the tree's health. 

Consider these methods for encouraging tree root healing.


Applying a layer of mulch on the ground around a tree base insulates the underground roots which protects them from extreme temperatures. It can also help the soil retain moisture so the roots can absorb it. When mulching, leave several inches of space between the material and the tree to prevent pest infestations and diseases. 

Proper Watering 

Sometimes, you can't rely on rain to saturate your yard enough to ensure your trees get sufficient moisture. It's best to keep your yard moist without oversaturating the ground. Depending on how many plants in your yard compete with the trees for moisture, you might have to water your lawn more frequently.

Soil Aeration

Your tree also needs enough nutrients to thrive. Soil aeration prevents soil compaction by loosening the earth. It ensures your tree's roots can access more than enough oxygen, water, and nutrients. 

Trust Our Experts for Recovery of Damaged Tree Roots

Will damaged tree roots grow back? With the help of qualified tree care specialists from Monster Tree Service of Greater Austin, healing damaged tree root systems is possible. Thanks to our years of experience, we can provide various tree care services, including tree cabling, pruning, and stump grinding. 

Our licensed, certified, and insured arborists know the right way to remove tree roots, brace tree trunks, and more. Call (512) 641-5638 today for your free estimate.