The Right Way To Remove Tree Roots in Austin, TX

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How do you remove tree roots without harming the specimen? Whether they’re slowly encroaching on your driveway or pose a tripping hazard, this question has undoubtedly crossed your mind at some point.

As the go-to tree removal company in the City of Austin, our team at Monster Tree Service of Greater Austin has assessed and tackled many arboreal challenges. Keep reading as we highlight the most crucial details and help improve your living landscape.

Treat Root Excavation as a Last Resort

The root system impacts tree health immensely, as it acts as the lifeblood that draws nutrients, oxygen, and water from the soil. This structure also lends stability to the tree and helps it stand tall and proud against the Texas wind. 

That’s why root pruning should come as a carefully considered decision and not a rash, impulsive action. If you can somehow address the issue without resorting to drastic measures, make that your first move. 

Tackling Root Removal With Finesse

Safely remove tree roots by following these steps:

  • Mark for utilities: Avoid the headache of accidentally striking a gas or water line while playing lumberjack. Call 811 or your local utility marking service; they will show you the location of underground systems.

  • Prepare the area: Trace the offending root from the tree and the farthest point you can cut. Dig beneath it while removing obstructions like rocks and turf.

  • Lift and cut: Carefully raise the growth from the trench to avoid causing further damage to the surrounding area, then use a saw or loppers to sever it as far from the trunk as possible.

  • Remove: Pull up the remainder of the root with a grubbing hoe and dispose of it properly. You may need to replace the topsoil if you remove a significant amount of material.

Follow Up With Arboriculture After-Care

Even removing a small portion of a tree’s root system leaves it in a weakened state. A little TLC can go a long way to nurse it back to health:

  • Supplemental watering during dry periods

  • Apply a one to two-inch layer of organic mulch around the specimen

  • Install a root barrier if you anticipate recurrent problems

  • Hold off on major pruning sessions while the tree recovers

  • Watch out for yellowing leaves, branch dieback, flaking bark, and other signs of stress

Consult a Landscape Maintenance Team

The last thing you want is your favorite specimen withering away from a well-intentioned yet misguided root removal attempt; why risk it when you can leave this complex task to trained professionals?

Our rural and urban tree management crew at Monster Tree Service of Greater Austin will swiftly address invasive growths with a delicate touch. We aim to preserve your plant’s health, beauty, and structural integrity. If we find that the only way forward is removal, we’ll do so with careful consideration to ensure minimal impact on your landscape.

Remove tree roots by dialing (512) 641-5638 or explore more of our blog to learn about dead tree identification.