Are Hollow Trees Dangerous? Here's What to Know in Nashville, TN

Hollow Tree Image

Property owners often ask the expert arborists at Monster Tree Service of Music City, "Is a hollow tree dangerous?" As the superior tree service specialist in Nashville, TN, we can answer this question and more to keep you safe.

How To Spot a Hollow Tree

For property owners, the only thing they usually see that would give a clue that a tree is hollow is when they notice holes or large cavities in the tree's trunk or large branches. Even when holes are not directly visible from the ground, there can be clues higher up in the tree: broken limbs, oddly shaped knotty growth, and unusual protrusions.

Arborists go beyond a simple external visual examination when looking for evidence that a tree is hollow. The items they look for include:

  • Overall Tree Health and Age. Older trees can often still be stable even though they have partially hollowed-out trunks. Tree service professionals consider a tree's age and health to determine if there has been any dangerous hollowing of the trunk. Certain diseases, pest damage, and fungal infections can provide evidence of hollowing.

  • Cracks in Bark. A tree's outer bark can reveal signs of interior hollowing. Sometimes, even tiny cracks or breaks in the bark can indicate evidence of hollowing in many tree species.  

  • Signs of Root Decay. Certain types of mushrooms or other fungal growth around the base of certain trees indicate serious issues with root health and the inner parts of the trunk.

  • Certain Sized Holes and Cavities. An arborist can inspect the holes that are visible from the ground to evaluate the tree's health. The size and shape of cavities can reveal information about their cause. A tree expert can also take core samples from holes to learn more about the amount of damage that exists. 

Be Very Careful Around Hollow Trees

Is a hollow tree dangerous? Not necessarily. With proper management and care, some hollow trees can continue to live and stand safely for years. Property owners often want to keep hollow trees, as they provide great shelter for wildlife and can still be outstanding shade trees.

Sometimes, trees need structural support to be saved. Unfortunately, other times, the tree must be taken down for safety. 

At any rate, Monster Tree Service of Music City cautions every homeowner to be very careful around hollow trees until their experts have examined them. 

Let Monster Tree Service of Music City Handle Your Hollow Trees in the Nashville Area

Monster Tree Service of Music City helps landowners in Nashville and all around Middle Tennessee determine whether their hollow trees are dangerous. We assess diseases and advise customers about the causes of large holes in tree trunks.  

We provide all levels of professional tree services, including:

  • Tree removal

  • General tree care and health

  • Tree trimming

  • Tree stump removal 

Is a hollow tree dangerous? Sometimes, but not always. Call (615) 455-2009 if you have concerns about a hollow tree on your property. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate for your tree work with no surprise costs.