Can a Dead Tree Come Back to Life in Charlotte, NC?

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No matter how green your thumb is, a tree will eventually die. If you love having trees on your property, you might ask, "Can a dead tree come back to life?"

The short answer is no; once a tree is dead, you need to remove it. But the good news is that you can save a dying tree with the right care and professional help.

As Charlotte's most reliable tree-cutting service provider, Monster Tree Service of South Charlotte knows that you want to do everything you can to keep your trees healthy, strong, and beautiful. So below, we'll tell you what you need to know about saving a dying tree and when you need to remove a dead one.

How Can You Tell If Your Tree Is Fully Dead?

Since you can't bring a fully dead tree back to life, you need to remove it from your property as soon as possible to prevent it from falling over or dropping branches on those who walk under it. If you notice any of these signs, it's too late for the tree:

  • A complete lack of buds or leaves

  • Brittle branches

  • A lack of bark on the trunk

Of course, the best way to determine whether your tree is actually beyond saving is by calling a professional arborist. They can tell you whether your tree is fully dead and what the next steps should be to keep your property safe.

What About a Partially Dead or Dying Tree?

Can a dead tree come back to life? No, but you can save a dying or partially dead tree with the right tree care. First, look for these signs indicating that your tree is dying but not necessarily dead:

  • Some root damage

  • A few leaves and buds and some branches

  • Limited new leaf growth

Basically, if you notice that your tree isn't producing as many new leaves or buds as it used to, but it's still producing some, it's likely dying but still salvageable.

How You Can Save Your Dying Tree

Any sign a tree is alive could be good news. Here's how you can save a dying tree.

Consider the Tree's Overall Condition

A tree with severe infestations or disease may not be fully dead but still beyond saving. The best way to determine the condition of your tree is by contacting an arborist and getting their professional opinion.

Prune Away Dead or Infested Branches

If it is possible to revive your tree, you'll want to have a professional prune dead branches or infested parts.

Fertilize and Water Your Tree

Give the tree the nutrients it needs to recover by fertilizing and watering it until it's healthy again.

Get Professional Help Caring for Your Trees in Charlotte, NC

Can a dead tree come back to life? Although you can't save a tree that's already dead, you could revive a dying tree with help from an experienced arborist.

Whether you want to save a dying tree or learn more about storm season preparation for the trees on your property, Monster Tree Service of South Charlotte can help. Call (704) 741-4432 to learn more!