Meet Our Team

  • Photo of Jay


    Owner/NYSDEC 3A Certified Applicator

    Jay was raised in Rochester, NY and is married and has two incredible daughters. Jay spent 30 years working in the corporate world before tiring of sitting behind a desk. Armed with an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business with a concentration in Finance and Entrepreneurship, he decided it was time to put his degree to good use by starting a business that would align with his core values. Jay set out to create a business where the culture and employees come first, which in turn would lead to a 1st class customer experience. By focusing on attracting men and women who are passionate about creating a dedicated team of tree care professionals and fostering an environment for all to grow their knowledge and skills… as well as having fun along the way, he believes that he and his leaders have created an outstanding team. When Jay isn’t out working on clients’ properties, he enjoys being outdoors, hiking with the dogs, playing basketball (yep, still plays a couple of times a week in the winter), and furthering his tree care knowledge (or continuing his tree care education – your choice). Since leaving the corporate world, Jay has really enjoyed working with this team of professionals, as well as meeting many of the clients and hearing the stories they like to share.

    NYSDEC 3A Certified Applicator: C8896384

  • Photo of Jason


    ISA Certified Arborist and ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ)

    When Jason isn't staring at trees or shrubs on his clients properties he is busy enjoying life with his wife, two daughters, and their pets! Jason and his family spend a lot of time hiking, walking their dog, gardening, doing craft projects & puzzles, participating in Girl Scouts, horseback riding and camping! Jason's love for trees deeply invades his personal life as he is an active and non-stop tree planter, member of his Town Park Committee and general tree enthusiast in our community. In addition to his love and devotion for his family, keeping trees healthy is Jason’s passion and his life’s work!

    ISA Certification Number: NY 5809A

  • Photo of Liz


    ISA Certified Arborist and NYSDEC 3A Certified Applicator.

    Liz found her love for arboriculture while pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science and Ecology at SUNY Brockport while also working on our tree crew and our Plant Health Care crew. Liz joined our crew in 2019 while she was also working to finish up her degree and joined us full time after she graduated in the fall of 2019. Liz’ favorite part of being an arborist is that there is always something new to learn about trees and insects! Liz enjoys spending her free time in the outdoors hiking with her dog, Fern, biking, running, and hunting. Her favorite tree is the American Sycamore.

    ISA certification number- NY 6554A & NYSDEC 3A Certified Applicator: C8902567

  • Photo of Jennifer


    Office Administrator

    As Director of first impressions, Jenn started with us in 2020, bringing over 20 years of valuable experience providing excellent customer service. As the voice behind the phone and typically the first person prospective clients speak with, Jenn strives to create a positive first impression and set the tone for a great customer experience. Keeping an open line of communication with our clients is important to Jenn. When Jenn isn’t working, she enjoys live music, amusement parks, & gardening. Jenn loves to cook & is working on mastering the creation of a perfect sushi roll! Jenn is married and has 5 children that are her light in life & 4 grandchildren that she loves spending time with.

  • Photo of Big Mike

    Big Mike

    Operations Manager/Climbing Arborist/Certified Tree Safety Professional

    Mike was born and raised in Rochester and has been doing tree work professionally since 2010. Mike began cutting firewood and brush with his parents back in the mid 1990's and climbed his first tree in 2003. Mike is affectionately called Big Mike. Mike says he has never met a climber bigger than himself so we believe he just might be the biggest professional tree climber in the world. Mike is our resident Certified Tree Care Professional (CTSP) and loves working with the crews to develop their skills and help them become the best arborists in the area.

    Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Certified Tree Safety Professional (CTSP): 04241

  • Photo of Mike


    Climbing Arborist & Crew Leader

    Mike is married and has two sons. Mike came to Monster Tree Service of Rochester in 2018 but has been doing tree work for 20+ years and is an outstanding crew leader. Fun fact, Mike used to ride broncos and one of our big goals is to see Mike in action, either on a real or mechanical bronco. Mike spends a good bit of his free time riding his motorcycle, taking care of his dogs and chickens, and spending time with his grandkids. Mike and Kyle are outstanding as trainers and mentors. We have had multiple folks come in to our business as apprentice climbers and both Kyle and mike have helped develop them into top notch climbers and crew leaders. You are likely to see Mike onsite running the crew and operating our 83’ lift or climbing on jobs when the bucket truck or lift don’t have access.

  • Photo of Kyle


    ISA Certified Arborist/NYSDE 3A Tech/Climber & Crew Leader

    Kyle grew up in the tree care world as his parents owned a tree care business and he graduated from SUNY ESF Ranger school. Kyle is super passionate about caring for trees and is always looking for ways to improve his knowledge so that he is in the best position to do what is right for the tree. Kyle and Mike are outstanding trainers and mentor. We have had multiple folks come in to our business as apprentice climbers and both Kyle and mike have helped develop them into top notch climbers and crew leaders. Kyle completed the NYSDEC 30 hour course over the winter and is now splitting his time between pruning and removing trees and the Plant Health Care crew where he gets to treat trees. Kyle likes to spend his free time with his fiancé, biking, and hiking with his dog Forest.

    ISA Certified Arborist: NY 6264A , NYSDEC 3A Technician: T8890800

  • photo of Nick


    Climbing Arborist & Crew Leader

    Nick came to Monster Tree Service in 2019 after being a GM in the restaurant world and with some experience as a rock climber. Nick’s background in providing a great customer experience in the restaurant world and his interest in learning new things made for a smooth transition to tree care and positioned him to grow from apprentice climber to climbing arborist and crew leader. In his free time, Nick still enjoys being in the kitchen and is known to have prepared some fantastic meals for members of our crew. Nick is passionate about trees (ask to see his tattoo – tree tattoo that is) and is continuing to absorb as much as he can. Nick enjoys spending time with his fiancé and hiking with his dog, Frida. You are likely to see Nick onsite doing pruning, removals, stump grinding, and air spade/root excavation work.

  • Photo of Kev


    Climbing Arborist & Ground Operations

    Kev joined our crew in 2018 with 10+ years industry experience. Kev is married and has two young children and a pet dog. Kev and his family spend a lot of their free time camping and are known to head out with their camper whenever they can get away. You are likely to see Kevin on site running the bucket truck or lift as well as managing tree care operations from the ground.

  • Photo of Trevor


    Climbing Arborist & Ground Operations

    Trevor joined our crew in 2019 as an apprentice climber. Trevor is an outstanding gentleman known for his skill, being an outstanding teammate, and is quite the musician. You are likely to see Trevor onsite doing pruning, removals, and stump grinding.

  • Photo of Max


    Apprentice Climber/NYSDEC 3A Tech

    Max joined our crew in in 2021 as a graduate from SUNY Brockport with his Bachelors degree in Environmental Science. Max is working to become a Certified Arborist and a Certified Applicator as well as a kick butt climber. You are likely to see Max onsite doing tree/shrub pruning & removal work, as well as plant health care & lawn applications.

  • Sarah

    Groundsman/Tree Climber

    Sarah joined our crew in 2022 with 4 years’ experience in the tree care industry. Sarah is passionate about doing tree work the right way and safely.