Eliminate Unwanted Gnats & Ticks in Doylestown and Bucks County


When warmer weather arrives, pesky gnats and ticks begin to make their appearance in and around our yards and outdoor living spaces. For nearly five months (June - October), gnat and tick season is at its peak. In Pennsylvania, several tick species can be found, including deer ticks, brown dog ticks, and American dog ticks. Earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection determined that Deer Tick Virus was found at high levels in multiple locations throughout the state, which raises concerns.

With families and pets spending more time in their yards and outdoors—gnats and ticks can quickly become a nuisance and potentially bring health problems. Ticks, in particular, are drawn to your yard for a few reasons. Not all of them are avoidable, but some common causes include:

  • Cluttered spaces where lawn and tree debris have piled up. Ticks thrive in shady, moist areas and are more likely to die in sunny, dry areas. It's best to avoid placing playground equipment, decks, or patios near heavily treed areas.
  • Tall grass can attract unwanted pests, so keeping your lawn short and cleaning up leaf litter near lawn edges and the house is a good practice.
  • Picking the wrong plants for your yard can attract ticks. If your plants or greenery attract deer, it can also increase the risk for deer ticks. Check with your local nursery or landscaping expert to make the best choice for your yard.
  • Family pets are especially prone to ticks and their bites. It's best to take the proper precautions with your furry friend to avoid any health concerns and to avoid them bringing ticks indoors.

What attracts gnats to your yard? Similar to ticks, there are several species of gnats. The four most common gnats include drain flies, fruit flies, phorid flies, and fungus gnats. Gnats are small but swarm in large numbers and can ruin your backyard gathering. The arrival of gnats in your yard isn't avoidable, but they tend to be drawn in by:

Fungal disease or mold on a plant is a major attraction for gnats and their larvae. Gnats tend to lurk around dead leaves, decaying plants, soil, compost piles, and shaded areas with mulch. Adult gnats prefer to lay their larvae in moist organic debris or potting soil, which can lead to problems. In large numbers, larvae can damage roots and stunt plant growth, especially in seedlings and young plants. This is due to their feeding habits and tendency to spread disease. If you find your greenery or trees in bad health, the specialists at Monster Tree Service provide professional and responsible solutions in plant health care and/or insect & disease management.

Areas with high humidity, moisture, or stagnant water are a haven for gnats. They like swarming (and laying larvae) near bird baths, leaking pipes, overwatered plants, creeks, and even puddles. Eliminating areas with excessive water can help with a gnat problem but removing large areas of water on your property is not always realistic.

Professional Gnat & Tick Treatments For Doylestown Families

Getting rid of gnats outdoors is tricky because they reproduce quickly and in large numbers despite their short lifespan. If you're dealing with an infestation or want to take preventive measures, using at-home remedies or off-the-shelf products might help, but they aren't always practical. Plus, using the wrong product can harm plant life, the environment, and your health.

Going with a professional gnat and tick treatment offers more protection from these unwanted visitors. At Monster Tree Service, our treatment plans are effective and handled by our fully insured and licensed team members.

What makes the Monster Tree treatment different? We're proud to say that our gnat and tick treatment is made of all-natural ingredients and doesn't include carcinogens or registered pesticides. This means our treatment plan is safe for kids, pets, and wildlife. Other benefits of our gnat and tick treatment include:

  • Does not harm bees
  • Works within minutes, last for weeks
  • Controls insects on-site and acts as a repellant
  • No odor or residue

To make the most of your gnat and tick treatment, we recommend once monthly treatments throughout the peak season to keep your yard pest-free. While it's nearly impossible to eliminate all gnats and ticks from a yard permanently, each treatment will result in a few weeks of minimal activity. Plus, spot treatments will allow our experts to re-treat stubborn areas and will stop new populations from emerging via breeding, eggs, and larva.

Let the Monster Tree team help you make the most of your yard!

Depending on your yard size and specific pest problem, our professionals will recommend the best course of action. Our treatment plans are available in Doylestown, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Montgomeryville, Abington, Fort Washington, Horsham, and surrounding areas.

Give us a call or request a free estimate to get your gnat and tick treatment started! We also specialize in tree removal, storm season tree pruning, arborist services, and much more!