How to Stop Tree Root Sprouts Using 3 Methods in Grand Rapids, MI

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If you find small sprouts or plant growths springing up around the base of one of your trees near its roots, you're likely looking at tree root sprouts. The growths may look harmless, but they can be problematic if you don't take action quickly. However, you must know how to stop tree root sprouts first to avoid further harm to the tree. 

As the premier tree service provider in Grand Rapids, MI, Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids knows the best techniques for halting tree root suckers before they get out of hand. Consult our guide below for more details. 

What Are Tree Root Sprouts & Why Do They Form?

Tree root sprouts, suckers, and shoots are the same thing. They're small plant growths that spring up from the stump of a cut or downed tree. They can also grow near the roots of healthy trees, such as fruit-bearing trees.

Suppressing tree root sprouts is necessary to keep the growths from robbing the tree of essential nutrients. Though some fruit trees naturally produce suckers to grow fruit-bearing plants, root shoots can also grow on trees in distress due to open cuts, drought, and infestations.

3 Methods for Controlling Tree Root Growth

Learn how to stop tree root sprouts using these techniques. 

Root Cutting

The most straightforward yet time-consuming method for removing tree root shoots is cutting them. You should cut off newly grown suckers regularly using pruning shears to prevent damage to your trees. When cutting the shoots, be sure to get as low as you can without wounding the tree. 

Rock Salt

Rock salt is a popular home remedy for tree root shoots, though the salt can effectively dehydrate the shoots. However, it can also kill tree roots by absorbing moisture and nutrients from them. 

Growth Inhibitors

Another effective method is to use a growth inhibitor. Carefully applying certain growth inhibitors will prevent your trees from producing tree root sprouts, yet an over-application of the chemicals can harm the tree. It's best to consult a local arborist to determine the most suitable growth inhibitors to treat your tree species. 

Tips for Preventing Tree Root Sprouting

You should do your best to keep your trees healthy to reduce the risk of tree root shoots developing. Since most trees have a genetic predisposition to produce suckers when stressed, providing regular tree care will go a long way toward keeping shoot growth at a minimum. Store-bought sucker remover products are an option, but they can harm the tree if you're not careful. 

Get Help Managing Tree Root Shoots From the Experts

Our Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids arborists know how to stop tree root sprouts using effective, safe methods. As one of Grand Rapids, Michigan's top tree care providers, our impressive services extend beyond minimizing tree root spreading. We offer everything from tree removal and stump grinding to cabling and bracing. 

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