Do I Need HOA Approval To Remove a Tree in Grand Rapids, MI?

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Do you have an old oak that has overstayed its welcome or a pine creating more shade than you’d like? If you’re itching to give it the chop but reside in a community with an HOA, don’t make rash moves just yet. 

As a premier tree service provider in Grand Rapids, MI, we have helped many property owners navigate the tricky waters of local regulations. Keep reading as we answer the question, “Do I need HOA approval to remove a tree?”

Who Owns It?

HOA guidelines for tree removal vary from community to community, but each will consider the specimen’s location. Does it lie within your property line or grow just at the edge, where your yard merges into a common area? 

Public spots like the sidewalk fall under your HOA’s jurisdiction, making them the primary decision-makers when it comes to chopping down those leafy giants.

Your neighbor might also have a say if the trunk sits on the boundary line between your properties.

Getting Approval From HOA To Remove a Tree

Contact your local management to get the ball rolling. Most HOA tree removal regulations require a good reason for your request:

  • Hazard concerns: When a tree poses a clear risk to people due to overgrowth, disease, or structural concerns, it strengthens your case. No one wants a looming threat in their backyard, and HOAs usually understand that.

  • Potential damages: Overgrown roots breaking sidewalks or sprawling branches threatening nearby properties might help you meet the requirements for tree removal in an HOA. Prevention is key, after all, and addressing these potential issues early can save a lot of money down the line.

  • Aesthetic reasons: The tree might be healthy but throw off the balance of your garden’s design. Or maybe it’s not in harmony with the neighborhood’s overall look. While such concerns are more subjective, don’t shy away from discussing how a removal can enhance the value of the community.

  • Practicality: Sometimes, it’s a matter of convenience. Maybe the tree makes lawn care a nightmare, or its leaves clog your gutters every fall.

Navigating HOA Approval for Tree Removal in Grand Rapids, MI

Do I need HOA approval to remove a tree? Unless you live in the most lax of neighborhoods, the answer is almost always a resounding yes. 

Tree removal and HOA approval can take time and effort, but they’re not impossible. Starting the conversation with your HOA with all your ducks in a row makes all the difference. 

Consider bringing a few pictures, possibly an arborist’s report, and even a proposed replacement tree or landscaping plan to show you’re thinking about the community’s aesthetics, not just your yard.

Consult a Local Arborist

Do I need HOA approval to remove a tree? It’s very likely, and you may also need professional advice. That’s where the specialists at Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids come in.

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