Signs a Tree Needs To Be Removed

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What are the signs a tree needs to be removed? When it comes to your favorite trees, it’s not always easy to tell when to say goodbye. 

As the go-to tree service provider in Grand Rapids, MI, we at Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids have seen our fair share of cases where removal was the only option left. Keep reading as we help you navigate through this difficult landscaping decision. 

Severe Leaning

When determining if a tree needs to be removed, assess the angle of their lean. It should not exceed 15 degrees from vertical.

tree that naturally grows a bit to one side shouldn’t worry you too much. This behavior is quite normal for plants, as they lean toward sunlight or away from stronger winds. 

Drastic or sudden tilting indicates something’s not quite right below the surface. Common culprits include soil erosion, a weakened root system, or unseen damage from construction activity.

You See Major Signs of Tree Decay

What are the signs a tree needs to be removed? A structurally compromised specimen is a ticking time bomb that poses risks to property and personal safety. Watch out for:

Dead Branches

A few dried twigs shouldn’t ring alarm bells, but entire swathes of canopy that have withered away? That’s a red flag.

Check by gently bending the branches. If they snap off easily without any sign of pliability, then those branches are dead. 

You can also use a knife to scrape the surface gently. A layer of green under the bark means the tree is thriving.

Fungal Growths

It's usually too late when you see cankers or fungus around the base or on the trunk. A few visible growths indicate a late-stage infestation, with much more extensive damage happening out of sight. Other symptoms of a tree in decline include musty odors and softening bark.

Foliage Issues

Leaves are a major energy source for trees, so any changes should concern you. Look for discoloration, unusual leaf drop, or a lack of leaves during the growing season. Wilted and oddly shaped foliage are also indications that a tree might need removed.

Widespread Damage

Did a violent storm pass through recently and leave your yard looking like a scene from a disaster movie? Maybe activities like construction or landscaping went too near your beloved specimen and resulted in significant damage. 

Trees are resilient and can generally recover from a bit of harm, but they have limits. Major branch loss, big gaping wounds, or cracks in the trunk will leave them vulnerable to disease and infestation — all clear signs a tree should be removed.

Consult a Local Arborist When Determining Tree Removal Need

What are the signs a tree needs to be removed? The last thing you want is to make a hasty decision that leads to regret. 

Why not seek a second opinion? Our specialists at Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids would be thrilled to give you a free consultation.

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