Why Are Bradford Pear Trees Bad for Your Greenville County Property?

Bradford Pear Tree

Are you aware of the many downsides of Bradford pear trees? Arborists actively advise against planting these trees because of the many negative aspects surrounding them. This begs the question: Why are Bradford pear trees bad?

The experts at Monster Tree Service of Greenville County, a top-notch tree service in Greenville, explain the problems with Bradford pear trees in this guide. 

Don't Let Looks Deceive You

Do thorough research before planting any tree on your property. A Bradford pear tree looks nice when it blooms beautiful white flowers, but take a closer look and you'll find plenty of downsides. When you look beyond the surface, you'll discover several issues with Bradford pear trees that will deter you from planting them.

Consult with an arborist if you're considering planting a new tree species. They can review the tree's chance of thriving based on the following:

  • Local climate

  • Soil

  • Sun exposure

Experts can also help you plant the tree and offer maintenance tips so it reaches full maturity.

Drawbacks of Bradford Pear Trees

Why are Bradford pear trees bad? Arborists agree that this species lacks too many benefits to be a suitable option for planting. Check out the biggest concerns about Bradford pear trees below.

They're Invasive

While you might want a fast-growing tree, Bradford pear trees grow so much that they become invasive. The structure can get up to 50 feet tall while the roots underneath form lumps that make the ground uneven. You'll have a hard time managing this tree and wish you had another species growing on your property. 

The Branches Snap Easily

Bradford pears are known for having brittle branches that snap with the slightest bit of pressure. Limbs can fall when birds and other wildlife inhabit the tree, let alone when powerful storms hit the area. By planting this species, you'll have to clean up a lot of fallen debris.

They Smell Foul

What comes to mind when you think of smelling a tree? You probably think of fresh odors that smell of distinct wood, like cedar or pine.

Bradford pears don't have that pleasant scent. These trees smell like rotten fish, and the scent can overpower other vegetation.

The Process of Eliminating Bradford Pear Trees in South Carolina

Many states, including South Carolina, are taking proactive measures to eradicate Bradford pear trees, such as:

  • Banning the sale of trees.

  • Prohibiting the planting and growth of new trees. 

  • Offering incentives for cutting down existing structures.

These efforts make the community more pleasant, given the many downsides of this type of tree. 

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After reading this post, you no longer have to wonder, "Why are Bradford pear trees bad?" Let the specialists at Monster Tree Service of Greenville County equip your property with beautiful trees that don't come with any of the risks of Bradford pear trees. If you have this species growing on your property and want to get rid of it, we're happy to perform tree removal

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