Why Does Bark Fall Off Trees? Understanding Tree Health in Greenville County

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A tree’s bark protects it from the elements. Ever asked yourself the questions: Why does bark fall off trees? Should you worry about tree bark loss?  

As Greenville’s trusted tree company, the Monster Tree Service of Greenville County team delves deeper into the causes of tree bark shedding. Keep reading for tips on understanding tree bark loss and how to address it.  

Bark Peeling Off Trees Explained  

Sometimes trees shed bark as part of their natural growth process. Additional factors for bark falling off trees include disease, stressful living conditions, or infestation. Let’s explore the most common reasons bark peels from trees.  

Normal Growth  

Trees such as birch, crape myrtle, and sycamore shed bark as part of their natural growth process. Similarly, the base of mature pine trees will normally peel as the tree ages. You shouldn’t worry about peeling in certain tree species provided the exposed wood looks healthy.  

Temperature Extremes  

Abrupt temperature changes may trigger tree bark loss. Fruit trees, for example, often succumb to “frost crack” because of their thin bark.  

Pests or Disease  

Pests and diseases can weaken a tree, stressing it to the point of the tree shedding its bark. Stay alert for the following telltale signs of tree disease:  

  • Dead or dying leaves and twigs  

  • Sawdust  

  • Unusual oozing or dripping of sap  

  • Fungus  

  • Cankers  

Why does bark fall off trees? Certain fungal diseases infect the tree bark and cambium layer, starving your tree of nutrients as they spread and cause bark detachment.   

You also want to watch out for pest infestations, as pests can harm your trees and shrubs. Some beetles love to plant their eggs in the cracked barks of weakened or diseased trees.  

Environmental Stress  

Environmental factors such as poor drainage, drought, mechanical damage, and soil compaction can make the bark more susceptible to peeling.  

Know When to Call an Expert  

While some bark peeling shouldn’t always be a cause for concern, excessive damage can kill your trees. Act promptly and call a tree care expert if:  

  • Bark damage covers over 40% of the trunk’s circumference  

  • Peeling bark exposes entirely brown or soft inner wood

  • Bark oozes sap or attracts pests   

  • You notice fungal growth or active beetle larvae emerging from the bark  

With advanced diagnosis and treatment coupled with an in-depth understanding of why trees shed their bark, certified arborists can often restore trees exhibiting these symptoms. Act fast — a prompt response matters when your tree starts losing bark.  

Count on Your Local Tree Care Experts  

Now that you can answer the question, why does bark fall off trees? You want to hire experienced professionals for your tree care needs. Trust Monster Tree Service of Greenville County for honest, reliable, and affordable tree care.   

Our experienced crew always arrives on time and offers various tree care services, including:  

  • Tree removal  

  • Plant health care  

  • Emergency services  

  • Tree/shrub pruning and trimming  

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