Signs Your Trees are Sick


Signs of a Sick Tree

Believe it or not, trees can get sick and die…but guess what? You can prevent that from happening. All you have to do is know exactly what to look for if your tree happens to get sick. We’ve outlined someone of the most common ways trees show that they are sick below.

Cracks in the Bark

Bark may become loose and fall off the tree. If you notice holes or dents in the trunk of the tree, this is a bad sign. It could mean that insects or other harmful creatures are living in the tree. This is a sure sign that your tree is sick and needs help from an arborist.

Dead Branches

Have you noticed certain branches don’t have leaves? Or that some don’t even have bark on them? This could be a sign of sickness in your tree. In some cases, sick branches may even fall off the tree and cause harm to whatever or whoever is below it.


Fungal growth is another sign of a sick tree. This is characterized by soft bark and mushrooms growing out of the tree. You need to seek help from an arborist as soon as possible if you your tree has signs of fungus growth.

Sudden Change in Leaf Color or Amount

If the leaves of your tree uncharacteristically change color or reduce in size, this may be a sign of sickness in your tree. The leaves may become a lighter shade of green or brown around the outline of the leaf. Leaves may also reduce in size as a sign of sickness, typically on the top half of the tree.

If you suspect a tree in your yard is sick or close to dying, please contact Monster Tree Service of Dallas. We have a professional arborist waiting to help you figure out why your tree is sick and how to help it. We offer free estimates. Give us a call at (972) 564-8613today!