Meet Our Team

  • scott and nicole headshot

    Scott and Nicole Rodieck


    Scott and Nicole Rodieck, have been Texas residents for over 10 years. They celebrated their 20 year wedding anniversary in 2022 and have two boys at home, Trevor 16 and Brandon 13. Scott spent over 20 years as a Caterpillar Heavy Diesel Technician before retiring in 2019 and moving into the Tree Service business. He is the Crew Foreman as well as maintenance lead and loves working with customers on the health and care of their trees.
  • richard headshot

    Richard Day

    Senior Arborist

    Senior Arborist has been with Monster for the past year. He previously was the lead Arborist for Monster before retiring in 2017.  Richard brings a multitude of experience in the Green Industry as a Landscape Manager before specializing in Tree Care. He has been a Certified Arborist for the last 13 years. Richard holds a degree in Horticulture, as well as being Oak Wilt certified. Richard's love for the outdoors carries over into hunting, fishing & camping and time on the golf course. He spends his weekends with his wife of 33 years. He has 3 children & 4 grandchildren.
  • micah headshot

    Micah Mabe

    Arborist and Plant Healthcare Specialist

    Arborist and Plant Healthcare Specialist has been with Monster for two years. He received his arborist certification at 20 years old, the youngest to achieve this distinction in the State of Texas after spending much of his time with his father, an arborist of 27 years. He received his Oak Wilt certificate in 2022 and has a passion for the health and wellbeing for plants and trees. He and his wife have been together for 6 years and have a 2 year old daughter.
  • Headshot of Jami Kinderknecht

    Jami Kinderknecht

    Office Manager

    Have you ever talked to someone that makes you smile the moment you hear their voice? Meet Jami! She’s our office manager, customer advocate, organizer and a number of other things so most of us just refer to her as “The Glue”. She holds us all together and makes sure our customers have clear communication on everything we are doing and happily answers any questions that come up.

    Jami has been with Monster Tree Service of North Dallas since the beginning and we’re extremely thankful to have her on the team. Customers enjoy working with her and all of us on the team would be lost without her. Give us a call and try not to smile ??

  • headshot

    Chris Settle

    Production Team Manager

    Chris is the first friendly face you will see on the Monster team when we show up to serve you.

    Chris leads our production crew, trains all new hires, keeps our equipment the best in the area and upholds the high standards we expect when serving our customers. Chris has been with the Monster team from the very beginning and came to the team as an experienced climber and crew manager.

    Chris’ focus on quality is a big part of what creates what we like to call the “Monster difference”. The production crew that he leads will leave you smiling from the first knock on the door to the final clean up. His team prides itself on enhancing the value of the property and trees on every job.

    Chris has an impeccable safety record. We have industry leading insurance to protect our customer but never intend to use it!

    Chris is the “ironman” of our team. He’s never missed a day and his work ethic sets the standard for our team.

    Get to know Chris a little bit better on his next visit and ask him about his favorite football team.