The Value of Good Tree Care


In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, the best price on the things we buy are often just a simple click or a short drive away. However, there are still many times where the old saying “you get what you pay for” applies. Every year healthy and mature trees become rarer and more valuable in our growing cities and neighborhoods. It pays dividends to choose wisely who to let care for your trees, as damage done from poor pruning can never be reversed. When choosing the right person or company to care for and prune your trees, there are more choices than ever. This raises many questions for today’s homeowner. 

How will I recognize a quality tree service?

A quality tree service should give you the confidence to know your trees and your property are well cared for.

  • They will have current and verifiable liability and, more importantly, workers compensation insurance.
  • They should proudly display their company name and/or logo, giving you and your neighbors the security of knowing that there is truly someone there to answer the call if there ever is a problem.
  • They should have all equipment needed to safely complete the work in a timely manner.

A quality Tree Service will have at least one knowledgeable arborist on staff, preferably a verified member of the International Society of Arborists (ISA). Lastly, you should be able to verify the quality of their work either through online reviews or referrals from neighbors.

What is the value in good tree pruning?

There are many tree cutters around offering to prune trees each and every day at discount rates. In many instances, there is little knowledge or concern for what is best for the trees structurally or aesthetically…they simply raise the canopy and strip out all of the lower internal limbs that are easiest to reach. A tree pruned in this way will grow long, weak limbs and will have excessive sucker growth formation in the now-bare center of the tree.

A good value tree pruning will take more time and skill but will leave your trees fully pruned, top to bottom, in a way that gives a far healthier and more attractive tree in the long run. A properly pruned tree will be more resistant to wind and ice damage because of good weight distribution, will have better structure making each successive pruning easier and simpler, and will require less frequent maintenance to maintain.

Get the Quality You Pay For

In short, we all want the best value in everything we purchase. For some items that simply boils down to finding the best price. For services that can create a vast quality difference, the best value really comes down to finding the best work at the best price. A trustworthy tree service will help you maintain your trees at a reasonable cost, and will do the work in a way that will pay for itself by enhancing the value of your landscape, home, and neighborhood.

Spring is right around the corner….it’s a great time to call a local arborist at Monster Tree of North Dallas for a full tree evaluation and estimate for tree pruning or removal.