What, When, and Why: The Best Way To Fertilize Trees in Houston, TX

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We all want our arboreal specimens to flourish, don’t we? While they can generally take care of themselves, a little boost every now makes a world of difference. 

As Houston’s trusted tree service, our team at Monster Tree Service of Greater Austin knows the best way to fertilize trees in our area. Keep reading as we break down this practice and help you incorporate it into your tree care regimen.

What’s Tree Fertilization, and Why Do It?

Trees are living organisms that need proper nutrition to thrive. Unfavorable soil conditions and competition from other plants can leave your specimens malnourished. 

This is where fertilization comes in handy. It’s the process of manually adding nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other key elements into the ground to supplement the tree’s intake.

Does your specimen need it? Watch out for these warning signs:

  • Yellowing or browning foliage

  • Reduced leaf size

  • Leaf veins look darker around the margins

  • Slow growth rate

  • Branch dieback

  • Off-season leaf drop  

Proper Fertilizer Application

The best way to fertilize trees can vary depending on the tree’s species, age, and health, as well as the specific climate and soil conditions of your Houston homestead. Many specimens respond well to this general approach.

Choose the Appropriate Formula

Go to your local garden center and peruse the fertilizer aisle. Don’t let the abundance of options confuse you. You want a slow-release product with a 2-1-1 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. 

Some contain amino acids like PPA to boost nutrient availability (the ability of your tree to absorb useful substances in the soil) and prevent runoff.

Apply the Product

Read the instructions carefully on the packaging for specific application amounts. You will likely need to lift the surrounding sod and disperse the fertilizer. Another method is to drill 12" to 15" holes every two to three feet around the drip line and fill each one with the product.

Water for Optimal Nutrient Absorption

Give your tree a deep drink afterward. The extra moisture ensures that the nutrients permeate the soil and reach the deeper parts of the root system.

When To Fertilize Trees

Spring’s burst of growth after winter dormancy demands a nutrient-rich buffet. Fertilization helps a tree stay strong against pests and diseases, which are more active during warming months.

Autumn is another excellent season to fertilize since it helps your tree prepare for the harsh cold. It’s like giving them a hearty meal before its long hibernation. 

Consult a Tree Health Expert

Did you know that over-fertilization can prove just as harmful as nutrient deficiency? It leads to weak branch growth, attracts harmful pests, and even harms the local ecosystem. 

Why not leave this task to the professionals? Our team at Monster Tree Service of Greater Austin knows the best way to fertilize trees. Our arborists assess your soil, test for deficiencies, and recommend fertilization methods that target specific needs. 

Dial (832) 210-1757 or read more of our blog and learn about the advantages of trees.