Importance of Deep Tree Roots in Grand Rapids, MI

Tree Roots

Tree roots are necessary for anchoring the tree into the soil, absorbing vital nutrients and water, and storing food. Without its roots, a tree has no chance of survival. Trees with deep roots have a great chance of not just surviving, but thriving, and growing for many years. 

When deciding which trees to plant, knowing what trees have deep roots can help you make a yard that has large, healthy trees. Deep-rooted trees also have many benefits when it comes to avoiding damage from root systems spreading through vital structures buried in your lawn.

When choosing the layout of your garden or lawn, call professional tree experts. Tree planting, alongside tree removal and tree trimming, for example, are premium tree services in Grand Rapids, MI, that most people benefit from. Learn more about root systems to figure out what to plant in your lawn.

Deep vs. Shallow Root Trees in Grand Rapids, MI 

Trees with shallow roots tend to spread laterally while trees with deep roots extend more vertically. While tree roots, regardless of depth, are imperative for the stability of a tree, deep-rooted trees tend to fare better in harsh weather like storms. 

Deep-rooted trees also have the benefit of being able to look for water sources further within the earth, unlike shallow-root trees which are better at finding water sources closer to the surface. 

These benefits don't necessarily make deep-rooted trees better than shallow-rooted trees. For example, deep-root trees have a harder time surviving in soil with excess water compared to trees with shallow roots. 

In deciding which tree to plant on your lawn, you need to know more than what trees have deep roots. It's important to know what type of tree your lawn can sustain while fitting your wants. 

Helpful Tips and Must-Know Tree Facts Before You Plant a Tree

When planting trees in Grand Rapids, MI, there are helpful tips and insightful facts that can make it easier to decide which trees go on your lawn. While working with tree professionals in Grand Rapids, MI, can help clear questions you may have, developing some foundational knowledge is always helpful: 

  • Trees that will grow larger than 70 feet need 20 feet of clearance. Trees need eight to 10 feet of clearance if they grow up to 30 feet. 

  • Tree roots can be attracted to leaking pipes, make sure a survey or inspection is done so that your tree doesn't end up costing you in the future. 

  • Certain trees, like fruit trees, attract pests, like mice and termites, more than other trees. 

  • If planted close enough to your home, trees can provide shade that lowers the energy cost of your home.

For more in-depth tips, call the tree experts of Grand Rapids, MI: Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids. 

Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids Has You Covered in Grand Rapids, MI

When it comes to trees, you're bound to have questions like, "What tree has deep roots?" or, "What to do after stump grinding?" To have your questions answered and receive expert help with tree care, such as tree stump removal, contact Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids today. 

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